Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Food Fun!

Banana Bean is eating lots of foods nowadays and I've had a lot of fun making the food for her. Now, it's kind of funny because when people ask what brand of food I use and I say that I make my own for the most part, I inevitably get some kind of "wow, supermom!" comment...but it's a total sham. Making baby food is ridiculously easy, and there really is a taste difference if you sample from the jar vs. fresh! It's also a LOT less expensive than buying the jars- they may only be fifty cents but it really does start to add up...especially if your baby takes one little bite and refuses to eat anymore!! Not that I know anything about that....maybe.

I will say though that I have absolutely nothing against commercial baby foods- in fact, we've got a supply of the Earth's Best Organic jars in our pantry too! They are great for quick portability and especially if you can't find a particular fruit or veggie in the organic section at the store.

Chances are you have almost everything you need already in your kitchen, although I have heard of a few nifty gadgets that will steam and puree everything right in its own little machine. I didn't want to add another gadget to my already-stuffed kitchen cabinets, so I stuck with what I already had- an oven, a stove top, and a blender. I added a couple of inexpensive ice cube trays and a big box of freezer zip lock bags.

Basically, all you need to do with any food that you want to prepare for your little one is steam, boil, or roast until it's soft and cooked, and then puree it. You can either use a food processor or a blender to puree- I hate dragging my food processor down out of the cabinet so I use my blender and it works perfectly!

Once the food is cooked and pureed, portion it out into your ice cube tray. This gets it divvied up into roughly one ounce portions (one cube = one ounce), which is a perfect size for little tummies. Stick it in the freezer and then dump them all into a freezer bag labeled with what's inside and the date you prepared it. When your little one is ready to eat, pull out the cube of choice and heat it up- you're ready to go!

There is an abundance of baby food cookbooks available but I've been keeping it simple and working mostly from this website: and their accompanying blog

This website offers guidelines based on the baby's age, cooking tips, and nutritional breakdowns.

Happy eating!


Mrs. Grant said...

Wow just one cube. My kid would protest...well not really she would scream until she had 3 more! haha

Love the post! Sounds just like what I do!

Katy said...

Your blog is so cute! Making baby food is fun and super easy. Love it!

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

Your little girl is such a doll! So, so cute!! From one Atlanta mommy to another, just stopping in to say hi : )