Thursday, June 23, 2011

9 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old today!


I'm not gonna lie...saying this past month was a challenge is kind of an understatement. We had the hellish triumvirate of teething, separation anxiety, and sleep fighting - needless to say, I want my happy baby back! Well, I guess that's not fair to say. Anna is perfectly happy if I am holding her and paying attention only to her. If I try to go to the bathroom or even just turn my back on her, we get baby meltdown. And I hate bed time. And nap time. Fun times!


Besides that whole mess, Anna's got some fun new things under her belt.

Her new favorite game is "baskets". Any kind of basket that she can reach into and pull stuff out of is her new favorite thing. She LOVES when I plop down on the floor of the nursery to put away her clothes because then she gets TWO baskets - the basket of clothes and the basket of hangers. Quite the happy camper.


She also likes to talk on her cell phone and to be upside down.


She's increasingly mobile although it's not the traditional belly-off-the-floor crawling. She's quite adept at getting anywhere that she wants to go, including under the couch before Mean Mommy pulls her back out. She's also quite skilled at squirming/army-crawling backwards. She also has started to pull herself up when she's near the table!


(she's crying because she ran out of room to back up)

Banana Bean is also SO observant now. It's kind of weird (but exciting!) going from the newborn stage where they don't really know what's going on to this stage. I was beyond delighted at the beach when she immediately noticed that I was wearing a necklace she had never seen before. She literally stopped what she was doing as soon as she noticed it to pick it up and inspect it. I was so amused that I had to chuckle, and then she looked up at me with that sweet little smile, wanting in on the joke too!


Stevo devastated me by commenting (after watching her for a minute on her play mat) that sometimes she looks like a baby and sometimes she looks like a big girl.


Speaking of big girl, we also went ahead and bought her convertible car seat, and we also finally started babyproofing around here.


Anna has also started really eating. She gets 1-2 ounces of puree for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a couple of different finger foods at each meal. Her favorite foods so far are avocado, cheese, toast, banana, and clementine orange slices. Tonight, she was feeding Daddy puffs and toast pieces. What a good sharer!


That's all, folks! See you next month!



Kelly said...

CUTIE!!!! Such great photos you have captured too!!! We will have to get together soon, so I can see that smile in person ;-)

Oleksandra SImpson said...

Wow, She is so much bigger now!!! I remember her 4 month old... Awesome pictures, great job!

Kelly said...

Such a pretty little lady! We still need to meet IRL one of these days ;)