Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We spent a long weekend up at the lake house with Steve's family for the Memorial Day weekend and all had a great time. We even got our very first actual date with just me and Steve - I guess it only took 8 months to get us out of the house, haha. It was nice to get some time to ourselves but I was glad to get back to my baby girl :-).

Anna Bean started waving up a storm this weekend, so that was a big source of amusement for everyone. She also played in her baby pool and went swimming in the lake twice - the water was a little chilly but she loved being out on the water with her mommy and daddy. 

Anyhoo, here are some pics:





admiring the light fixtures


I wish this one wasn't blurry!

Playing with Poppy

Playing with Poppy's watch

Steve's crawling lessons - "lift the tush"

Baby acrobatics - if Daddy's in the way just roll over him!

On a side note, I also appreciated again how patriotic those small North Georgia towns are while we were driving around. I had noticed this for years but given the holiday, it seemed particularly top-of-mind. There are war signs and memorials everywhere up there, and even the Walmart (yes, "the" Walmart. Small towns here, folks) had a big bulletin board full of pictures of local soldiers. Unless you live in a military town or have a military family, it seems rare to find a community that consistently supportive and aware of their local troops serving their country. And I'm late with this message but to all the military families out there (especially you military mommas!) - thank you for your service!


Robin said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend. Love the pix!

valleegirl said...

Don't forget you saw Harry Potter... and dinner out with Steve's parents! Maybe that was too long ago... you know, I'm off all summer!

Sarah said...

oops I forgot about Harry Potter- good call! Okay, 2nd "by ourselves" date, haha.