Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ode to Joy

Things that currently bring Anna much joy:

Kingsley's food

Kingsley's water

Kingsley's fluffy tail

Playing hide-and-go-seek


Managing to unroll an entire roll of toilet paper in less than 60 seconds

Seeing how far away she can nekked-scamper before Mommy can wrestle a diaper on

Taking naps with Daddy

Playing with her "big kid" cousins







Waving to everyone at the grocery store

Her veggie basket





Looking out of the windows



Drinking water out of Mommy's water bottle - apparently sippy cups are so passé!

We're lucky to have such a happy and joyful baby- we love you, Anna Bean!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Picture Post!

Time for a Picture Post, lake edition! We had our friends up for a weekend of fun and sun, and there was a sneak peek of pictures in Anna's monthly update yesterday but here are some more great photos!











Saturday, July 23, 2011

10 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 10 months old today! What a fun month! This month has gotten me eager for her to start walking and talking...let's go, toddlerhood!

Anna crawls everywhere now, and it's so much fun watching her explore and figure things out. I pretty much carry her around all day to whatever I need to do, plop her down on the floor, and let her "help". Her new favorite toys are my plastic stacking mixing bowls, and also my silicone whisks.



She is such a social butterfly. People love stopping to chat with her in the store and she will give them a big toothy grin and usually a wave or two.


Banana Bean has also discovered the delights of feeding Kingsley, much to my dismay. It's not uncommon to look over and see her dangling bits of toast or fruit over the edge, hoping Kingsley will jump up for a bite. I have to keep them separated during meal times now, even though he's been really gentle...her hand is just a little too close to his mouth for my comfort! But I'm pretty sure he's put on a few pounds from all of Anna's treats.


Another new game that she likes is grabbing a napkin and then holding it out for us to wipe our faces. She'll pull it back in when we're "done" and then hold it back out again. Sometimes Stevo will drape it over her head, and then pop it back off again - that usually results in some baby laughs! She'll also share her food with us and giggles when we pretend to nibble.

She has also started following a few of my very simple directions. She seems to be learning "No" fairly decently, especially if I follow it up with something fun to play with instead of whatever she was going after. She will also crawl over if I say, "Anna, come here, baby girl!". And I love it when we're on the floor for play time and she crawls over into my lap for a snuggle!


Her hair is really starting to grow out now and she's got the most adorable little curls all around her ears.


She still has her two teeth on the bottom and one on top. There is one more cutting through on top and another on the bottom...should be a fun week next week, haha.  


We're up at the lake this weekend with a bunch of our friends, and she's loving being in the spot light. She's really been handling all of our traveling this summer pretty well and we're so proud of our little pumpkin! I'll have to take her 10 month picture when we get home...silly Mommy forgot the sticker!


Happy 10 Months, Baby girl!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motherly Musings

I have switched to tea in the morning instead of my half-caff coffee in an experiment to reduce my caffeine intake. I think it's working in the caffeine reduction but it also kind of makes me want to kill someone.

Every penny spent on air conditioning in this awful Georgia oven is money well spent.

I'm pretty sure Anna still ends up with more food under her booty than in her tummy. And I really don't know how she does it because she's seated the entire time.

I'm also pretty sure that she intentionally times her dirty diapers in order to delay nap time. 


Today it took me almost 4 hours to run errands that would have taken less than an hour to do without a baby in tow. But she was a happy smiley baby that everyone loved so I guess I can't complain  :-)

I love the girls walking around the mall with their mothers clutching their American Girl dolls - so cute!! But why did they retire Samantha? She was the best one, yo.

People who are freaking the freak out about Netflix raising their prices need to get a grip.

I'm secretly pleased that Banana has said "Mama" first instead of "Dada". Actually it's probably not so secret. And I do hope she says Dada soon.

Baby Proofing

We've taken on a lot of pretty major projects in the last couple of weeks here at the Belly Babbles house, but one of the main ones at the top of the list was getting the house baby-proofed. Banana Bean got very mobile VERY quickly so we were scrambling to get at least some of the rooms safe for her.

In terms of products, I finally sat down one night and read reviews and product information until my brain was mush and my eyes were crossed. Oy! But it was time well spent, because I was able to get all the basic equipment, and also some products that worked really well for some of the more "problem" areas of our home. Here's a run-down of the products that we purchased- hopefully it will help give some of the other mobile-kid mommas out there a jump-start on their shopping research!

1. Fireplace - we have a raised brick gas fireplace. I wanted something that would help protect her little noggin from the brick edges, and also keep her from eating the fake ashes and stuff in there. After reading very mixed reviews on the foam edging that you can buy, I opted to spend a little more and get the North States Superyard 3 in 1 Metal Gate. This gate fit perfectly around our fireplace, is very very sturdy even without screwing it into the wall, and we can easily take it down if we have people over and want to de-kid the living room.

2. Gates - we've got a gate at the top of the stairs, and also blocking off the front part of the house. I wanted gates that would automatically close behind us, and that were strong, and easy for an adult to open. We opted for the Dreambaby Swing Gates. I love the added bonus of keeping Captain K contained too - I should have bought these years ago, haha.

3. Gate Stairway Installation Kit- as most babyproofing parents come to realize, you're not supposed to rely on a pressure mount for the top of staircases. Although our gates came with installation hardware, we discovered that with the curved spindles of our staircase, we couldn't get a sturdy installation, even with the screws. We ended up going back and purchasing this Kidco stairway installation kit...I just wish we had figured this out before we drilled holes in the stairs! Oh well.

4. Furniture Anchor Straps - We have a couple of tall bookcases and dressers that Anna has already expressed interest in pulling on, so we bought some sturdy straps to help anchor them to the walls.

 5. Bed Rails - While Banana sleeps in her crib 99% of the time, there are the occasional naps, thunderstorms, and traveling where she ends up in our bed. She usually sleeps snuggled up in the crook of my arm, but I did want at least a little extra reassurance that she wouldn't fall off the bed. This was especially the case at the in-laws' house and our master bedroom where we have fairly high beds. I bought Dex Products bed rails, that were a cinch to install and will be easy to travel with us when we go out of town. From casual conversations with other mommas, it seems like it's really really rare to find a baby that doesn't spend ANY time in the parents' bed, so I think everyone should take a look at these.

6. Cabinet locks - We installed Kidco magnetic locks on any of the "dangerous" cabinets, and then also in our pantry cabinets (because of the pull-out shelves). Basically, once the locks are installed, you slide a magnet key over the front of the cabinet and then the lock disables, and you can open it. Steve had no problem at all installing these, you can't see them from the outside, and if you've got the key, it's a cinch to open them. SO much better than those awful 80's clip locks that we had when we were kids!!!

7. Outlet plugs - this was one of the first babyproofing steps that we took. All of these seemed pretty similar so I just randomly picked some off Amazon that had good reviews. I got a ton of the Mommy's Helper outlet plugs and then also some of the Kidco Outlet covers for outlets that always have something plugged into them.

Beyond these basic things, I've learned that babyproofing is a gradual process and I'm sure that we'll add and change things in the future. For now though, I think our bases are pretty well covered!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Little Babbler

So Anna's babble of choice is "Bob Bob Bob Bob" or sometimes "Bwa Bwa Bwa Bwa". I finally caught a little bit on video today and wanted to share! She was still a little sleepy this morning but when she really gets going with it, it's pretty amusing. Sometimes we'll have entire conversations consisting of "bwa bwa bwa bppppppffffft". Make sure to watch for a goodbye wave at the end!

Another hilarious thing that we've been trying to catch on video (unsuccessfully, so far!) is something that Steve didn't believe until he finally heard it early one morning. Anna has said several times a very distinct "Obama", and it's one of the funniest things I've ever heard. What a brilliant genius baby. Hopefully we'll get video proof soon!!

Have a good day, folks!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Cute Neighbor Kid Story

We live in a neighborhood chock full of little kids, and our rare interactions with them usually result in some pretty cute stories.

Yesterday we were knee-deep in some dusty and dirty house projects when the doorbell rang. Usually when the doorbell rings, it's either a Jehovah's Witness (we live inconveniently close to one of their meeting halls) or a salesman. I glanced out to see a little girl standing there, and since it's too early for Girl Scout cookies (unfortunately), I had absolutely no idea why a little girl would be standing on our front porch.

I opened the door to find the little girl holding a handful of crafts that she had made. There was a little beaded bracelet, a pair of beaded earrings, and two books made from cut-up printer paper and staples. She very quietly asked if I would like to buy any of her crafts. I could tell that the girl was very shy, so I was impressed with her entrepreneurial skills. I asked if I could see them and she handed the entire bunch over. I told her the bracelet was very pretty and asked how much she wanted for it. She thought for a moment, and then said 75 cents.


I said that I was very sorry, but that I didn't have any quarters. Would she be willing to accept a dollar for it, instead?

Now this threw her for a loop. She contemplated that in silence for a minute and then said, "I guess that would be okay." LOL!

So I went and fetched my crispest dollar bill and now I am the proud owner of a hand-made beaded bracelet. And I hope that if Anna ever gets the notion to sell her little projects, that she will be met with a sense of humor and a heap of kindness too!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Blakely!

Today was Anna's first birthday party and we had such a good time. Blakely was the birthday girl and her pretty momma Lisa did a phenomenal job with the party planning. Banana's favorite little friends were there and it helped get my brain going for our own party plans in September!













Happy birthday Blakely!