Saturday, July 23, 2011

10 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 10 months old today! What a fun month! This month has gotten me eager for her to start walking and talking...let's go, toddlerhood!

Anna crawls everywhere now, and it's so much fun watching her explore and figure things out. I pretty much carry her around all day to whatever I need to do, plop her down on the floor, and let her "help". Her new favorite toys are my plastic stacking mixing bowls, and also my silicone whisks.



She is such a social butterfly. People love stopping to chat with her in the store and she will give them a big toothy grin and usually a wave or two.


Banana Bean has also discovered the delights of feeding Kingsley, much to my dismay. It's not uncommon to look over and see her dangling bits of toast or fruit over the edge, hoping Kingsley will jump up for a bite. I have to keep them separated during meal times now, even though he's been really gentle...her hand is just a little too close to his mouth for my comfort! But I'm pretty sure he's put on a few pounds from all of Anna's treats.


Another new game that she likes is grabbing a napkin and then holding it out for us to wipe our faces. She'll pull it back in when we're "done" and then hold it back out again. Sometimes Stevo will drape it over her head, and then pop it back off again - that usually results in some baby laughs! She'll also share her food with us and giggles when we pretend to nibble.

She has also started following a few of my very simple directions. She seems to be learning "No" fairly decently, especially if I follow it up with something fun to play with instead of whatever she was going after. She will also crawl over if I say, "Anna, come here, baby girl!". And I love it when we're on the floor for play time and she crawls over into my lap for a snuggle!


Her hair is really starting to grow out now and she's got the most adorable little curls all around her ears.


She still has her two teeth on the bottom and one on top. There is one more cutting through on top and another on the bottom...should be a fun week next week, haha.  


We're up at the lake this weekend with a bunch of our friends, and she's loving being in the spot light. She's really been handling all of our traveling this summer pretty well and we're so proud of our little pumpkin! I'll have to take her 10 month picture when we get home...silly Mommy forgot the sticker!


Happy 10 Months, Baby girl!

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