Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Motherly Musings

I have switched to tea in the morning instead of my half-caff coffee in an experiment to reduce my caffeine intake. I think it's working in the caffeine reduction but it also kind of makes me want to kill someone.

Every penny spent on air conditioning in this awful Georgia oven is money well spent.

I'm pretty sure Anna still ends up with more food under her booty than in her tummy. And I really don't know how she does it because she's seated the entire time.

I'm also pretty sure that she intentionally times her dirty diapers in order to delay nap time. 


Today it took me almost 4 hours to run errands that would have taken less than an hour to do without a baby in tow. But she was a happy smiley baby that everyone loved so I guess I can't complain  :-)

I love the girls walking around the mall with their mothers clutching their American Girl dolls - so cute!! But why did they retire Samantha? She was the best one, yo.

People who are freaking the freak out about Netflix raising their prices need to get a grip.

I'm secretly pleased that Banana has said "Mama" first instead of "Dada". Actually it's probably not so secret. And I do hope she says Dada soon.

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Kathryn said...

a) Too cute! And those teeth! b) What? they are retiring Samantha? WTH! c) I don't have netflix, but I certainly noticed the drama they caused last week. We've been thinking about getting Netflix for about 3 years, but haven't