Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Little Babbler

So Anna's babble of choice is "Bob Bob Bob Bob" or sometimes "Bwa Bwa Bwa Bwa". I finally caught a little bit on video today and wanted to share! She was still a little sleepy this morning but when she really gets going with it, it's pretty amusing. Sometimes we'll have entire conversations consisting of "bwa bwa bwa bppppppffffft". Make sure to watch for a goodbye wave at the end!

Another hilarious thing that we've been trying to catch on video (unsuccessfully, so far!) is something that Steve didn't believe until he finally heard it early one morning. Anna has said several times a very distinct "Obama", and it's one of the funniest things I've ever heard. What a brilliant genius baby. Hopefully we'll get video proof soon!!

Have a good day, folks!


Allyson said...

So young and already into politics!

Lisa Gentry said...

Yay!!! She is sooooo cute.

Nicole said...

Omighosh...so incredibly cute!! I love the little bye bye wave at the end. Sarah - she's adorable and I can't even stand it =)