Tuesday, August 23, 2011

11 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 11 months old today - what a big month! Every day she acts more and more like a toddler - there's been a few times this month that she's made a new face and I've been caught off guard with how different she looks. Still beautiful (obvs), just different.






Banana's pulling up on everything now and if I'm holding her hands, she'll take a few uncertain steps. I'm hoping she'll start walking soon - it's one of the milestones that I've been the most excited about!


Speaking of exciting milestones, she says "Momma" all day long. It's her new favorite jabber word and needless to say, it's music to my ears. I'm sure "Dada" will be next  :-).



Anna Bean's other new accomplishments are big hugs and kisses. She finally mastered the kissing sound and it's one of her favorite things to do during her bedtime routine. We snuggle on the glider, and I ask her if I can have a "big hug". She'll throw herself against my arm or chest and let me hug her, and then I ask if I can have a big kiss. Now, the big kiss is a little inconsistent. Sometimes it's an open-mouthed, full-cheek baby kiss. Sometimes it's a true smooch, complete with a smack. And sometimes she just turns her face to the side, so I guess that's her saying that it's my turn to do the kissing!



Her new favorite game is "pony ride", which we learned from Poppy and SuSu. I'll hold her hands and bounce her up and down on my knees while singing the pony ride song, and she'll laugh and squeal. Sometimes if she's in my lap, she will start pretending to bounce up and down to get me to play the pony ride game!


I've also been marveling this month at how much she understands us. I've always talked and sang to her these past 11 months, but now it's like she actually understands and comprehends. I had her in the bath tub a few weeks ago, and she decided that standing up in the tub is fun. I had my hands full with soap so I said, "You need to sit down in the tub please, Pumpkin." And she sat right down! She's very consistent with it, even if I have to ask twice. It's so much fun to see all my crazy one-sided conversations paying off and seeing her understand me!


Oh, she also is obsessed with water bottles.  If you try to drink out of one around her, she'll just about rip it out of your hands to get a sip.




We're also in countdown mode for her birthday party. I was a little slow to get excited for it, just because it seemed so far away, and now I feel like I'm behind and need to get a move on! The invitations are ordered and now I can really start the party planning. I know she won't remember her party at all, but we've had so much fun with her this year, and we want to celebrate all of her development, personality, and joy. We also want to celebrate with all the loving and supportive friends and family that we have around, so it's gonna be a fun one!


See you later, alligators!


Atlanta, Food and Love said...

I totally see Steve in that first one!

Nicole said...

Ahhh me too!!! Okay, so I was always like, I know Steve's in there, but I only see Sarah. These are the first sets of pics where I seriously see Steve! How exciting! And how exciting that she may walk soon - and is saying momma =) I'm also a little obsessed with her bib =)

Robin said...

She does look more and more like her father, at least based on the pictures here. Such a sweet looking little girl. Have fun planning that party!