Friday, August 26, 2011

Anna's Juke Box Tunes

I sing to Anna pretty much all day long. It's one of my tricks to keeping her quiet in the car, I sing her to sleep, and I sing to her while I'm doing my chores and she's watching/trying to help.

My regular repertoire is a hodgepodge of old childhood favorites, old church songs, chorus songs, and then random ones that to be honest, I don't know where they came from.

Here are some of her favoritest favorites. You will also be amused to know that as I type this, and am listening to all these youtube videos, Anna is sitting in her high chair going nuts hearing all of these songs, haha. Every time another one starts, she starts squealing and waving.

1) The Rooster Song. This is Anna's #1 song. She loves this thing. This used to be a chorus warm-up song, and I'm actually a little surprised that I could find ANY version online. I thought the only other person in the world that knew this song was Kathryn!! My lyrics are a little bit different, and we use much better animals (including aardvarks, anteaters, blowfish, peacocks, and seahorses).

2) It's a Big World, Baby. This is also Anna's #1 song. You might remember this one from our road trip to Raleigh. It's still a car trip standby on Steve's iphone, but it's also turned into a naptime/bedtime song to help her go to sleep.

3) Anna's Lullaby. Sung to the tune of Brahms's Lullaby, and lyrics made up by yours truly and Steve. This is how the nickname "Anna Bean" or "Bean" came about- Stevo needed something to rhyme with "queen".

Go to sleep, Anna dear.
You have nothing to fear (or Your daddy likes beer, lol)
.Go to sleep Anna Bean,
You are my baby queen.

Go to bed, sleepyhead,
It is time to sleep.
Go to sleep, Baby Girl.
You are my whole world.

 Go to bed, cutie pie
This is your lullaby.
Go to bed, sleepyhead
It is time to go to sleep.

4) Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. An old church favorite.

5) Give, said the Little Stream. Another old church favorite.

6) I've Been Working on the Railroad. This has somehow turned into the "doing the dishes" song because it's pretty lengthy and keeps Banana Bean entertained while I get the dishwasher going. She laughs when I dance along, too!

7) A Few of my Favorite Things - Will Ferrell/Robert Goulet style. Steve sings this to her, supposedly. He requested that this one be included.

There are many, many others but those are the top favs. Other blog mommas, what are your favorites to sing to your little ones?


Robin said...

I sing along to Eva's Mr. Stinkfeet cd, so one of her favorites is Rockin' the Library:

She is also a big fan of They Might Be Giants "Roy G. Biv":

I also change the words to Little Richard's "Tootie Fruity" to include "Gotta girl named Eva. She's standing on her feeta" or somesuch rhyming silliness.

She really likes music and responds to commercial jingles or even music we may be listening to on the radio. For example, she started "dancing" to the Red Hot Chili Peppers new song this morning while we were getting ready for work.

So much fun!

Sarah said...

these are great, thanks for sharing, Robin!