Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Little DIY Project- Message and Menu Board

I ran across this idea on Pinterest months ago, and then when my friend Lisa also did hers months ago (showoff, lol. Kidding!), I knew I needed to just sit down one night and finish mine. And also start it.

The premise of the board is to have an attractive, consolidated space to hold the week's menu (to help avoid that astronomically tedious question of "What's for dinner tonight?" that seems to come every night regardless of how many times we have that exact same conversation), and to also hold a small grocery list, and also a to-do list. 


It was really easy, just a little time consuming. I bought a frame from Target, and then wrapped the mat with some cute wrapping paper (left over from the changing table project in Anna's room!). Then I printed out the sections, mounted those on matching green paper, and hung it up! I also fastened a dry erase marker to the side with a pink ribbon, so that I never have to go hunting for a pen when I need it. I decided to hang it on the side of our pantry cabinets, since it's not really a decorative object, and we have very little wall space in our kitchen.


The glass acts as a dry-erase board, and it's a cinch to add things to the grocery list when I realize we need it. And the Agenda section has been helpful in keeping my day on track with what I need to do!

I also toyed with the idea of turning the frame sideways and adding a calendar, dropping one or two of the current sections if I had to. I might go back at some point and make that change, but for now, I'm pretty happy with it!

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Robin said...

Love it! I may steal this idea!