Monday, August 1, 2011

Re-purposing Purees

One of the unexpected consequences of switching to a Baby-Led Weaning method of feeding Anna Banana was having a ton of leftover purees. Well, I guess it wasn't totally unexpected. I just didn't really think about it.

Regardless, I have a bunch of frozen purees and also a bunch of jarred purees. I didn't want to just throw them out, I didn't know anybody starting purees that might want them, and they are also handy to mix in the iron-fortified oatmeal I kind of wanted to keep using them. So I got a little creative and here are some of the ways I've found to keep using purees.

Note that none of them involve trying to feed them to Anna with a spoon. Let's just say it quadruples my clean-up time!!!

1) Puree = Jam. I'll give Anna toast fingers for breakfast, and spread a healthy portion of puree on top. I mix in some of her oatmeal or rice cereal to add some iron, and she's so intrigued with the toast that she doesn't fuss about eating the puree.

2) Puree for Pancakes. I'm not gonna lie, breakfast here is usually pretty easy. But on occasion, I'll get the notion to make pancakes or waffles. I have made apple pancakes and blueberry pancakes by mixing in purees, and those have been a hit with the Banana Bean. If I make plain pancakes, I'll spread some puree on top instead of the sugary syrup.

3) Puree Popsicles. I bought a couple of mesh feeders on the advice of a friend, and they have been perfect for pieces of frozen puree. Anna will gnaw and suck on that feeder until every last drop is helps get her a few more nutrients and I think it also feels good on her teeth. And it's a great baby popsicle for the summer! Just make sure to wash these right away so the food doesn't get stuck to the mesh.

4. Smoothies for Momma. I guess this is kind of like stealing food from a baby, but I'm sure Anna will forgive me. We had cubes of frozen mango, banana, pear, and apple in the freezer, and these are perfect for tossing into the blender with yogurt, strawberries, honey, or whatever else I want to put in a smoothie.

5. Puree for Pasta Sauce. Sometimes for lunch I will make Anna some pasta (she likes bow-tie pasta and spiral pasta the best), and the veggie purees are great as a sauce.

6. Puree Meatballs. I actually have never tried this before, but I stumbled across this idea on the internet (what did moms do before the internet??), and it's brilliant. I have a ton of chicken and turkey purees, and it wouldn't be a big deal at all to make some baby meatballs the next time we have spaghetti. Veggies would be good to use for this too!

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thejenblack said...

How is this going? I was thinking "what did Sarah say that she was going to do" and walla I am here! I bet you love that! Anyways....what the heck am I going to do with frozen carrots, peas, green beans, potatoes and sweet potatoes? How do I incorporate those into his meals now that we are doing finger food???