Saturday, September 24, 2011

12 Months Old!

Our sweet baby girl is 12 months old today! (err..yesterday...I wrote this yesterday and then never posted it)

Happy Birthday, beautiful baby! We love you so much and this year has been such a joyous one with you!

*insert 12 month picture here*

Birthday breakfast! Bacon and eggs.

This month flew by in a big blur of blurriness, but I do have some updates and amusing anecdotes.

We are happily settled back into our routine here at home after the craziness of this summer. I'm happy to report that we've nudged Anna's bedtime back to 7:00, and she's sleeping a solid 12 hours at night. We have even started getting some consistent naps by herself going, so it's nice to have that time to myself during the day. Although I do admit that I miss snuggling with her already! Maybe I'm not ready to fully give up naps yet, haha.


We have started introducing whole milk in various sippy cups at all of her meals and snack times. We're off to a slow start with the milk drinking but we're keeping at it. I keep hoping that I'll find some magic sippy cup that makes everything click, but so far she finds a lot more enjoyment out of hurling the cup at Kingsley.


Banana Bean was absolutely hilarious the other night. Steve was working late, and I couldn't leave her to go get the video camera, so I'll just have to describe it. I had her in her little tub after her evening bath. Her new favorite thing is to sit in the tub until the water is mostly out, and then she loves to splash all around with the leftover water. Well, the other night, she realized that all of the water was going out of a drain. It was the first time she had ever really paid attention to it. And she cocks her head, stares at the drain, and asks, ".......Dada?" I kind of chuckle and tell her that Dada isn't in there, he's at work. But then she grows increasingly concerned about the vanishing water and keeps saying"....Dada???? Dada?!??! DADA?!?!??!??!?!?" I have to say that I was giggling pretty hard while trying to explain it to her.


Her favorite toys are all the various pieces of baby proofing equipment. So far they're holding up well but she's pretty determined to win this battle. She was really irritated when she discovered that we had put locks on all of the cabinets up in our master bathroom. She spent her entire play time during one of my showers pulling at the cabinet door with all of her might!



In the above picture you can see Anna's little black eye. I didn't get a picture of it on the worst day, and it's healed up pretty quickly. She bonked herself in the eye with a drawer, and then with my camera. Poor pumpkin :-(


Her other new thing that she likes to do is to put a toy in her mouth and then trot around on all fours. Just like Kingsley!


We're in major crunch mode with getting everything ready for Banana's birthday party on Saturday. We are excited that so many friends and family are coming out to celebrate! We've been working hard with all of our preparations and hope everyone has a good time.



Well, I hear a baby stirring, so that's my cue to get off the computer. Stay tuned soon for pictures from a special little someone's first birthday party!!


Ashley Terry said...

She is so stinking cute!!! What a beautiful one year old :)

And as far as sippy cups go, have you tried one with a straw? Savannah likes those a whole lot more and drinks better with them.

Have a great birthday party!! I can't wait to see pics :)

Nila said...

She is so cute! Congratulations on one year! Ethan is not far behind, it's amazing how fast they grow.

Oleks. said...

Wow, she is growing soooo fast!!!

Happy Birthday Anna!