Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Things That Were A Waste of Money

I like shopping. And I particularly like shopping for baby stuff. You always see lists of the baby must-haves and the things that new parents can't possibly live without. But I never really see too many lists of things that ended up being a massive waste of money. So...here you go!
1. Crib Bedding Set. This was unfortunately one of the most expensive things in the nursery, apart from the furniture. And the silly thing is that I had heard from multiple people not to waste my money on a bedding set, because all you will end up using is the fitted sheet. But, of course, I just had to freaking have it. Sheets, blanket, crib bumpers - the whole shebang. And it looked really cute, until we got the baby home and we tossed the blanket in the closet, and then ended up taking out the bumpers too. So basically we've got a $200 sheet in that crib. At least she hasn't pooped on it yet.

2. Closet Dividers. Luckily these weren't TOO expensive. I think I bought my set on Etsy for like $10 or $15. And I can actually see these being useful if you don't have that many baby clothes, but Anna's closet was always so packed that I ended up giving up and just keeping one size at a time in there.

3. Going Home Outfit. We definitely had a cute little dress all picked out for her going home outfit, but we ended up being so focused on getting 3 days worth of stuff packed up, Anna packed up, and all of us safely in the car that she wore just a regular onesie home.

4.  Special Baby Detergent. Dreft is usually the one that comes up in conversation, but there are a bunch of detergents marketed specifically for infant laundry. Unfortunately, these detergents are usually pretty expensive, and a lot of them still contain fragrance which can cause irritation or an allergic reaction. Make it easier on yourself and your wallet and use a free and clear detergent for ALL of your household laundry, and then you don't have to buy a whole separate (and pricey) detergent for your baby stuff.

5. Changing Table. We discovered that nursery furniture can get expensive VERY quickly, and a changing table is a very easy thing to drop off the list if you have a waist-height dresser that you can use. We were able to use the dresser that had been in the guest room, and we installed an inexpensive changing pad on top. It's worked great and the dresser gives us plenty of top space to keep wipes and other items handy!

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