Saturday, September 17, 2011

Belly Babbles Book Club: Favorites Edition

As I've mentioned before, I love reading to Anna. When she was a teeny baby she would just snuggle in my arm and listen to my voice, but now that she's older, she'll climb all over my lap, look at the pictures, try to grab the book out of my hand, and try to turn the page. If she's playing on the floor while I put away laundry, she'll pull all her books off the shelves and carry them over to me!

Here are a list of her (and my) current favorites. Some of these I had never heard of before, and were all shower gifts. So a big gold star to the shower guests that picked these out!

1. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, by Dr. Seuss - Anna loves this one and I do too. I've got the better part of it memorized by now. It's one of the longer books, which makes it great for bedtime, and it's varied enough to keep it interesting even after reading it as much as we have. Granted, you'll have to ask me if I feel the same way in a couple of years, haha.

2. Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss - this book comes with a caveat - you can't cheat and just read it through like a regular book. You have to do the sound effects! You might sound like a total idiot but you'll be rewarded with lots of baby smiles and giggles.

3. My Little Monkey, by Sandra Magsamen - this is a small board book that comes with a little monkey blanket. I don't know what it is about it, but Anna just lights up whenever I start reading it. It's been up at the lake all summer for bedtime reading and it's still up there, but no worries - I've got this one memorized too, haha.

4. Lullaby Moon, by Rosie Reeve - this book is a cute little story, but it's also very well designed for grabby baby fingers. It's a big board book, so the pages are sturdy, and it's also beautifully illustrated.

5. Curious George, by Margret and H.A. Rey - Generally I have found that rhyming books, especially those written in an anapestic or iambic tetrameter style (nerd alert!) hold Anna's attention the best. Curious George is one of the exceptions that I've found. I don't know why Anna likes these stories so much, but we have worked our way through the Curious George Treasury several times, and I also have started a small collection of Curious George Nook Books. The heavier collected works books are getting a tad tricky to juggle the more Anna squirms, but these have continued to be a bedtime and story time favorite!

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Robin said...

Hooray for books! I love to read the Dr. Seuss ones as well. They are just so fun! Eva is into the touch and feel board books right now. Last night, she sat quietly and "read" one of her touch and feel books for about 15 minutes, turning the pages and using her pointer finger to feel each little page. It was so cute!