Sunday, September 25, 2011

DIY - Playroom Art Project

Steve and I wanted to give Anna something special for her birthday. Something that she would enjoy for a long time, and something that would create a lot of fun memories.

When Steve moved his office down to the basement, we decided that the empty room would become a playroom for Anna, and we committed to getting it finished in time for her birthday party as her present from us. Jake, Jackson, Carolyn, and Felicity gave it a test-run at the party and deemed it fun, and now Anna has a playroom to help keep her and all her little friends entertained!



Although we came up with some very grand plans for decorating the playroom, we knew it would be a few years before she could really appreciate it. So, instead, I came up with a budget-friendly idea to help decorate the playroom, and the week of the party, Anna helped us bring it to life :-).


Steve painted the playroom with "Hundred Acre Woods" paint by Disney. Then we went to Michael's and bought a few canvases. From Amazon, I bought non-toxic finger paints, and a slipcover for the couch. The shelves and the baskets all came from Target.

For the 2 small canvases, I plopped Anna in our master bathroom tub and let her go to town. I ended up having to climb in there with her though because she was sliding all around...needless to say, it was a massive mess. I highly recommend having a second set of hands there to help if you're going to attempt the bathtub! I am happy to report, however, that it appears that all the paint came out of my clothes, haha.



For the larger canvas, Steve held her over it while she painted. This was done out on our driveway. She "signed" her large masterpiece with a handprint, and these beautiful works of art were ready to hang!





Nicole said...

I love this!! What a great idea =)

Robin said...

This is a great idea! Eva also loves to finger paint but I haven't had her do it at home yet. She really gets into it at school though.