Sunday, September 25, 2011

Toy Story

Tonight before Banana went to bed, we decided to tackle the play room and un-package all of the wonderful gifts that Anna got at her party. Seriously, you guys were beyond generous and we were not expecting that at ALL, but we are certainly very thankful! Anna's new play room is perfectly stocked now for any play situation, and I'm excited to have some of  her baby friends over to help test out all these new toys.



And I must also say it's a little strange having toddler toys...I'm so used to the baby toys! I think it's perfect timing though - Anna came in to help us de-package and she was having a BLAST!!! I tried to get a video, but it got pretty long, so you'll have to make do with pictures.



There wasn't a single present that didn't get played with, and even with her very tired self, she was having a ball. I have a feeling that playing with these toys is going to make up a majority of her agenda for the foreseeable future!!



A big thank you to everyone again - Anna is so blessed to have y'all in her life!



Oh, and yes...she lost her pants at some point in the evening. And I didn't even think about it until I had already uploaded these pictures. So, please ignore the fact that she's in just a diaper and shirt, hahaha. 



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