Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zoo Day

We took advantage of a very cool day here in Atlanta and went to the zoo! We hadn't been in months because we are heat hermits, and I was excited to see how a much-older-and-more-observant Banana Bean would like it.

She loves being out in the fresh air and in her stroller, and there are a few exhibits that she actually does pay attention to. She likes the turtles, she likes the naked mole rats. She likes the orangutans if they are close. She also likes the turkey and cheese kids meal wraps that they have at the cafe. The rest of it is more for Momma entertainment purposes and just to get out and do something different.

It was the perfect day to go- there were maybe 50 people in the zoo total. I think there were more employees there today than there were guests, and it made going with a stroller SO much easier. And we actually discovered exhibits that we didn't even know were there, it was so crowded before!!

Auntie Ally came with us today and we got some cute pictures- I just had to share!





She was not interested in letting Auntie Ally hold her, if you couldn't tell.


And then a bonus picture from our walk this morning:


Hope the rest of you Atlantans enjoyed the cool day, too!


Allyson said...

Hahaha, She liked the goats too! I had so much fun today! Love you guys!

valleegirl said...

Don't worry about AB's faces when you hold her... I'm her Grandmaree and I get those, too!

Oleks. said...

Wow, Anna is growing so fast. I just remember her at Erin's play date when she was 4 month old. And now she is such a big girl!!!