Sunday, October 23, 2011

13 Months Old!

Anna Bean is 13 months old now, big girl! I went back and forth on whether or not to keep doing these monthly updates but in the end, I decided to keep them. I like being able to read all of her little updates in one place and this way, you guys will be guaranteed at least one post a month, haha.



This has been a fun month. Funny that it took a year to get here, but this really felt like the first month where I just stopped stressing about things and let Anna take the lead. And it's nice - I should have done this months ago!



Anna's favorite activity right now is holding onto our hands and marching around the house. Up stairs, down stairs, through the baby gates, all over the place...if there's floor under her feet, she wants to walk on it (with Mommy and Daddy's help!). If she can "walk" in the direction of the dog, even better. And she'll even grab my hands and walk up ME while I'm sitting in the rocker with her!!


Speaking of Kingsley, Anna has started saying her first real word apart from Mama and Dada. It's not completely finished yet, but we've noticed that anytime she hears Kingsley bark or anytime that she sees Kingsley, she says "Daw". Obviously she's a genius baby, and I'm thrilled that she has a new word in her little repertoire.



Another new game that she loves to play with us is throwing the ball. We will sit on the floor of her playroom and take one of the many plastic balls bouncing around in there, and roll it to her. She will grab it and throw it vaguely in our direction, and then laughs and laughs when we roll it back to her. Rinse and repeat until all of the balls are under the couch or behind the shelves and then we distract her with a new game.


Banana is also growing opinionated on what books she wants to read with us. Her new favorite is "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?", and she crawls over to hand it to me to read at least once an hour (seriously). She also likes Curious George, Bedtime Bunny, and any of the other short, colorful board books.


Another cute skill that she has been learning is how to brush her hair. If she happens to spot her hair brush laying around, she'll grab it and start waving it around her hair like she's brushing it.

Bean is still eating wonderfully, and we've also started slowly giving her things on the high-allergy risk list. So far she's had a bit of shrimp, peanut butter, and strawberries. I think the only thing left we have to give her is honey, and so far, no problems!

 Well, that's all for this month folks...hope everyone is having a wonderful October too!

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