Thursday, October 6, 2011

At the Playground

Anna and I had a girls day out at the mall yesterday. We ate lunch in the food court and watched the carousel, and then we went to Stride Rite to get fitted for her very first pair of "real" shoes. We finally found the playground in the park that backs up to our neighborhood the other day (thanks Erin!) and I knew her soft-soled shoes wouldn't hold up long there!


Anna is now sporting a pair of their Early Cruisers shoes in a size 4 and 1/2.



This morning on our walk, we stopped to play and test them out. Anna had a blast swinging and crawling through the tube...I had to race to get around to the other side in time to catch her!!



By the way, she had her 12 month pediatrician appointment last week and the doc pronounced her to be in perfect health! She was very pleased with her development and said to keep up the great work. Anna weighed in at 22 lbs and measured 29 inches tall. She also got her vaccinations and a flu shot.




We are already looking forward to going back to the playground with Daddy (and the DSLR camera!).



Nicole said...

Ahhh! I love her little hoodie and her jeans =)

Nila said...

Ahh she is so sweet! What a cutie! How does she walk in the stride rite shoes? I have been wanting to get some for Ethan :D

Sarah said...

the shoes work great! The soles have the rubber on the bottom but they are still flexible so she can move her feet really well in them.