Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Bert Show's Big Thank You

One of the big radio stations here in Atlanta, Q100, has a very popular morning show called The Bert Show. And every year for the past several years, they have held a letter collection effort called The Bert Show's "Big Thank You", where they have a goal to get a handwritten thank you letter into the hands of EVERY American soldier serving overseas in time for Thanksgiving. I have sent letters every year except for this one, despite the reminders from my friends Melissa and April (sorry ladies, I suck!). I'm just never in the car in the mornings, and quite frankly...I forgot.

Basic Training Graduation 137

This morning I was in the car on the way to meet Anna's new play group and The Bert Show hosts were talking about the Big Thank You and how they aren't even close to the 400,000 letters that they were hoping to get. They kept playing voice snippets of soldiers saying how thankful they were to get the letters, and how they hung them up in their barracks for months, and how much it saddened them to not receive letters for the holidays. And my emotional sappy hormonal self was sitting there sniffling and feeling guilty and also trying not to smear my mascara all over the damn place before my meeting.

Basic Training Graduation 140

So today and tomorrow, I am ransacking my stationery collection and getting as many letters written as I can. And I encourage any fellow Atlantans to contribute too, if you have the time. Their deadline to get letters in is TOMORROW, so that they can get the letters in the hands of the soldiers by Thanksgiving. You can drop your letters off at any Atlanta Taco Mac location, or if you live close to the radio station you can drop them off there. They are also collecting letters in Nashville and Indianapolis. Taco Macs are open late tomorrow night so make your hubby take you to dinner, drop off your letters, and then have a beer to reward your hard efforts!!

More information can be found here:


Sara said...

That's so sweet! When I was little, we used to always make the shoe boxes with tons of small presents inside to send to them for Christmas. :)

Kathryn said...

OMG your little side bar says "On her way to 2" That is just not right! You have inspired me to write a letter. I've been hearing them talk about it this whole time saying I should.

valleegirl said...

Our high school is aiming for 1,000 letters by tomorrow!