Monday, October 10, 2011

A DIY Project - Bow Board

Anna has a bunch of really cute hair and headband bows, and up until now, they've all been shoved in a box in one of her dresser drawers. I've been wanting a way to keep them displayed and easily accessible, especially now that she actually has some hair to pin them to!

The most common bow display method seemed to be some kind of cute ribbon that dangles down, and you pin the bows to that. But I wanted something more symmetrical and something more substantial, to help it go with the rest of the nursery. When I ran across this project on Pinterest, I knew immediately that it was perfect and that I needed to do it!

This project took less than 20 minutes to do, and since I already had most of the materials, it technically cost me less than $5. If you had to buy the ribbons and stuff, I would budget about $15. Still a great price for a fun project!

The project started with a picture frame bought on clearance at Target for around $4.


I pulled the back off, and the artwork and the glass out.


I measured across the back of the frame at 1" intervals, marking each place with a pencil at the top and the bottom.


I ended up having just enough ribbons left over from Anna's birthday party favor bags, so it worked out perfectly! I gave them a quick press with the iron to help get out any wrinkles.


Then I used my little staple gun to fasten the ribbons to the frame, making sure to pull the ribbons tight.


Here it is finished and ready to hang.


And here it is all covered with bows and hung on the wall!