Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Give that Clicker Finger a Workout, Please

Ladies and Gentlemen - normally I have a very limited amount of patience for all these online baby contests that seem to be so popular. And normally I get pretty good at tuning them all out and deleting them off my Facebook and Google Reader.

But, today, it seemed like everywhere I turned on my normal online "mommy haunts", I kept seeing the devastating but sweet face of a little boy named Tripp. And when I read his story, I couldn't stop crying. I cannot imagine what that little boy and his mother are going through and it breaks my heart to think of them.

Tripp has a rare genetic skin disease that causes him a lot of pain and blisters. He has already lived one year past his life expectancy and has now lost his eyesight. You can read his story here: http://randycourtneytripproth.blogspot.com/. I will warn you that the pictures are initially very difficult to look at, but what a fighter, and what a beautiful little boy. God bless that little soul and his determined, loving mother.

They are among the top contenders to win a $25,000 prize, which would help alleviate some of their medical bills. Please please PLEASE click this link today and every day going forward until the end of the contest:


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Lisa Elaine said...

I got the package! Anna and I thank you so much! She has been dying to try turkey and chicken ;) Very excited.