Saturday, November 19, 2011

Belly Babbles Holiday Gift Guide

I love the holidays and I love shopping...who doesn't?? But I admittedly get a little stumped sometimes shopping for presents, so in case there are any other festively-frazzled mommas out there looking for gift ideas - here are some of my favorite ideas this year! And don't you worry - a kids gift guide is in the works too.

Also, I'm intentionally publishing this early because I know some of you fruitcakes are planning to do some Black Friday shopping. Who all is doing that and where are you going and what are you getting?

For the Book Worm: For your loved ones who always seem to have their nose in a book, I think personalized book plates would be an adorable gift, or you can make it super fancy by getting a page embosser. A little book light and magnetic bookmarks are also some of my favorite reading accessories, as well as book store gift certificates. Go the extra mile by making a cozy gift basket with a soft throw blanket, homemade hot cocoa, and a coffee shop CD.

For the Hippie: One of my absolute favorite stores in Atlanta is Ten Thousand Villages. You can shop online if you don't have a location nearby. This company has created a market for handmade crafts, jewelry, and home decor in North America, and formed relationships with artisans in impoverished and developing nations all over the world. These products give these artisans the opportunity for a stable income, and thus enables them access to education, health care, food and housing. Their products have a range of prices, from $2 to $200+, and it's truly fun to wander through the store and see what all they have to offer. And the products really seem to be of a good quality. I especially love the jewelry, the handwoven baskets, and the children's toys. They also currently have a plethora of beautiful and whimsical handcrafted Christmas ornaments. The necklace below is one that I'm currently coveting (nudge nudge wink wink, Stevo):

For the Momma: I get laughed at when people ask me what I want for my birthday/Christmas and my response is a toy or something for Anna. But really - I enjoy some time off but often feel guilty about spending money - so a gift card for a manicure, coffee shop, favorite clothing store, or a restaurant is always a hit. A fun tote is great for moms that have graduated from a diaper bag but still carry a lot of kid stuff. If you like to cook, give her a few healthy freezer meals that she can pull out after a hectic day...I promise it won't go unappreciated!! Another fun idea is a photography session - whether you know a good local photographer or you purchase a session at the local studio, a proud momma can never have too many pictures of her family! If you are looking to spend a little bit more, a gift certificate for a house cleaning session would also be a fantastic gift, and you can usually find a great deal on any of those daily deals emails (bonus points for services that use non-toxic cleaners).
 For the Daddy: Guys are pretty simple right? Eat, drink, sex, sleep, sports. Kidding! (maybe not kidding). Anyway, consider homemade flavored vodkas, a personalized decanter and a set of whiskey stones, sports or concert tickets (wives - with the clarification that he can take you OR any of his buddies, no guilt!), maybe even a soda maker. If your fella is adventurous or sporty, consider a gift certificate for a day of paintball, a flying lesson, sponsor a driving range time slot for him and a friend, or . And guys like to be pampered too, so you might also surprise him with a hot lather shave at a nearby barber shop. Another present idea is to surprise him by doing a home project that's been hanging over his head...I know Steve's to-do list can get pretty lengthy and it really makes his day to see a bigger project crossed off without needing his help or time. This could be washing the cars, getting the garage or tool room cleaned and organized, mowing the lawn (or getting a neighbor kid to do it)...anything that would normally be on his plate.
For the Chef/Baker: Fun cookbooks are a great gift - try to find some that line up with the recipient's main interests. Does he/she like to grill, bake breads or cakes, entertain (so...appetizers/cocktails), or would a main entree book be best? Recipe cards (especially personalized ones), cute aprons, grill accessories like cedar planks, pizza stone, marinades, or burger presses are all great options to consider. If you want to spend a little more, find a cute picnic basket and load it up with gourmet goodies like jams, smoked meats, specialty spice rubs, and cheeses. If you have any farmer's markets still going on in your area, you can often find these items at a bit of a discount.

For the Entertainer: Whether it's a guy or a girl, we all have someone on our list who loves to throw a party. For this person, I suggest fun wine charms, a personalized serving plattercute place card holders, or an electric wine opener. A new Christmas CD, fun cloth napkins or festive tea towels are always great to pair with any of these gifts, and I can also guarantee you that a nice bottle of wine is always a good accompaniment! 
Happy holidays, everybody!   

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Nicole said...

I appreciate this post since I'm horrible at Christmas shopping! No Black Friday plans for me - but do you remember when we went Black Friday shopping, I think, sophomore year??? Heheh =)