Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy (early) Thanksgiving!

We had my family over for an early Thanksgiving dinner, and good times were had by all.

Deep-dish pumpkin meringue pie


Apple pie and pumpkin pie ice cream.

Anna was so tired from all the party prep that she fell asleep eating her lunch!!

DSC_0006-1 - Copy

DSC_0010-1 - Copy

DSC_0011 - Copy
Our acorn centerpiece - Anna helped me collect all the acorns. She also helped to make sure we didn't have too many acorns in our bucket by taking them out again at frequent intervals.

DSC_0012 - Copy
Gobble gobble.

DSC_0016 - Copy

DSC_0018-1 - Copy
Anna was not impressed by this point in the afternoon. She went to bed shortly after this picture was taken. But look at her cute little Thanksgiving dress!


Anna eating her very first Thanksgiving food - turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and even a little bit of gravy! I forgot to get some of the sweet potatoes and green beans but she'll get some on Thursday, I'm sure.

Hope everyone has a fun Thanksgiving coming up!


Lisa Elaine said...

That picture of her falling asleep while eating is priceless. Love it!

Nicole said...

Ah! I love the sleepy picture =) And how exciting that this is Anna's first taste of Thanksgiving food! Also - loving Stevo's 'stache. You are fabulous =)