Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kiddo Playlist

When we were little kids, we had a Fisher Price record player and only one record that I can remember. That record taught me how to sing the alphabet backwards. And I think we had a grand total of 3 kids songs cassette tapes that we would play in the car. And based on my experiences so far with children's music, I have drawn a few theories about my childhood, at least one of which must be true:

1) My mother has the patience of a saint to listen to that selection of music over and over and over.
2) My mother is deaf.
3) Children's music was significantly better in the 1980's.

Now that Anna is older, I've found that playing a kid song CD in the car helps keep her quiet. Unfortunately all of the CDs that I have managed to collect since she was born kind of make me want to drive bamboo splinters under my fingernails (did you just cringe and shudder? Now you know how I feel). Either the singers try to get all Christina Aguilera with the melodies, they add some kind of weird techno beat, or they have inarticulate children singing the songs and you can barely understand them.

So now that I've somewhat mastered Spotify, the very first playlist I started working on was a playlist for car rides with Anna. So far it has been very successful and both momma and baby are happy in the car. If you have found other kiddo CDs or artists that you like, please share!! This is definitely a work in progress!

Here's the Spotify link if you've use it too: Anna Mix

Sesame Street - Little Apple Band - Sesame Street has some pretty cute songs. I tend to cherry-pick the less annoying ones but we've still got a good bunch on our playlist!

John Kirk & Trish Miller - great guitar playing and great singing.

Susie Tallman - Children's Songs - I think this one is my particular favorite.

Elizabeth Mitchell - whimsical and fun and mellow

This CD deserved an honorable mention...they are a favorite of ours and I didn't realize they had made a children's CD. Apparently when the number of their children outnumbered the number of band members, they decided to make a CD for their kids - isn't that cute? It's a little advanced for Bean's enjoyment right now but they've got some really cute songs on there that I think she'll love when she's older. And maybe she'll just know it as the Snacktime CD, lol.

Honorable Mentions: These two aren't on Spotify (there are a few of Wee Sing but not many different albums), but thanks to Kathryn's crazy steel-trap memory, I am adding these to the list! Ah childhood nostalgia.

Wee Sing - they have a bunch of different albums and I'm pretty sure we had a couple on constant play in our car when we were kids.

Sharon Lois & Bram - The Elephant Show - these aren't on Spotify as far as I can tell, if someone finds them, let me know! The CDs look very inexpensive online though, and I remember loving these! I'd be curious to hear them now as an adult and see if they were as good as I remember. I still sing a couple of them to Anna. 


Lisa Elaine said...

How do you play Spotify in the car?

Sarah said...

Steve set it up on my iPod so I can listen to it in the car and on my walks! He's great with that stuff.

Kathryn said...

I need to check out spotify. I signed up but haven't user it.

What, you don't sing to Anna the whole time? You should look for a record/tape/album called "We (or wee, I can't remember) sing and play". Classic 80s childrens music, I listened to it all the time when I was little. and I still love Rafi! If you find it, let me know, I might download it myself.

Nicole said...