Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nothing Cleans Baby Hair Better than Formaldehyde

Although I had a light interest in natural products and organics before, I've been getting increasingly insistent about it since being pregnant with Anna and now shopping for baby products. And the more I read and learn about the very lax standards for cosmetics and toiletries ingredients, the more I feel like it is important to find products that are truly safe to use...both for momma and baby!! And labels aren't safe to trust in my seems like everything these days is labeled "natural", even if it couldn't be farther from the truth!

I ran across this article online this morning. Although I wasn't aware of this particular ingredient in Johnson & Johnson baby wash, we had ditched the J & J infant care line pretty early on in Anna's life because it dried her skin out so badly. And now I'm relieved that we made that switch!

I think I have also posted this link before on the blog, but I use it ALL the time and think it's a fantastic reference, so I'm going to post it again. The Environmental Working Group has a cosmetics database on their website that has literally tens of thousands of products on it, and then all of those products are given a grade based on their ingredient list, toxicity level, carcinogenic risk, etc.

One project that I've been slowly working on this year is getting all of our toiletries switched to brands that are rated "green" (or a risk level of 0-2 on the EWG database). And I am happy to report that the brand we exclusively use for Anna (California Baby) is squarely in the green!

I am planning to do a blog post about the products that I have found and like, at some point in the near future, but I figure the baby's body is the best place to start with a switch to the "green"!

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Lisa Elaine said...

Looking forward to the specific recommendations... hopefully they are affordable! Sometimes I wonder if these companies really WANT the world to go green, cause based on their pricetags they aren't making it easy. Ok I'll stop my rant now, ha :)