Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet

We had a Happy Halloween in the Belly Babbles house, and it was a busy one! Banana Bean had two parties to go to, and we also ended up making it to the neighborhood Trick or Treat Kickoff party. Anna was a trooper the whole day, even with pushing her bedtime back so we could go to the neighborhood party.

Bean was Minnie Mouse this year for Halloween, and she was such a cutie. The only bad part of the day was me managing to slice the living hell out of my finger with the butcher knife, while I was trying to cut a pumpkin to make a bowl for my pumpkin fluff dip. Ouch!! It was a deep cut but the doc decided it didn't need stitches...and in the meantime I've got strict orders to keep it dry and bandaged with butterfly bandages and an awkwardly large covering bandage. It's still pretty sore but looks like it's healing. Serves me right for trying to be all Martha year that dip is getting dumped in a plastic bowl!!!

Anyhoo, here are some pictures of Anna's Halloween. Hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday!

P.S. - where were all the trick-or-treaters?? We bought less candy than ever this year and still have a ton left over. Was it just because it was a school night? Did everyone else have a lighter-than-normal Halloween?




Harper's stink face glare cracks me up!






Cutie pie Blakely

Anna and Blakely (in costume #2)


Nicole said...

Ahh!!! I love it!! I am still in just so much shock over how big Anna is getting. Slow down!! Hope your finger is feeling better - Marc did the same thing trying to carve his pumpkin - what a dangerous Halloween it's been! Thanks for posting - I needed to get my cute kid's in a costume fix =)

Allyson said...

I love her costume! She makes a great Minnie Mouse!