Friday, December 23, 2011

15 Months Old!

Anna Bean is 15 months old today, just in time for Christmas!

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We've had a crazy busy month and Anna has been a good sport through all of it. She has even been helping - she discovered a pile of presents under the tree that needed unwrapping so she sailed right in to help, haha. Finally the presents got moved to the dining room and I gave her a bag full of tissue paper to "unwrap" to her heart's content.



She is full out toddling now - one of her favorite things to do is to go to the opposite corner of the playroom from Mommy and then run across to get a big hug. And I am so proud of her walking accomplishments but it has made it a little tricky - she now hates to be in her stroller so I either have to carry her or let her walk, which can make outings a little difficult.Whenever we are at the mall or the grocery store and she's marching around, she is the center of attention and everybody stops to cheer her on - and she loves the spotlight!



All the kids got to be conductors at Austin's train birthday party
Anna's new favorite game is opening and shutting doors. It's pretty hilarious how fascinated she is with them. Whenever I have her upstairs with me while I do my makeup or get dressed, she is in heaven between the bathroom door, the closet door, the towel closet door, and the main bathroom doors. She also insists on being the one to open and close the baby gates as we walk through them. And you should hear her squeals when she manages to shut Mommy out - I have to knock and ask to come in, and she's giggling away the entire time!



Bean has also developed a fascination with shoes. If Mommy or Daddy (or any visitors, she's not picky. Jessica's glittery shoes were a big hit, when she was here!) leave their shoes out, she toddles over and puts her feet in and tries to shuffle around. It's especially funny with Daddy's big work shoes and those tiny feet of hers!




In other news, I finally dipped a toe into the 21st century and upgraded to an iPhone for my birthday. I am still learning really how to use it and auto-correct is the only reason my texts are even remotely coherent, but it's a pretty cool little gadget. I love the camera on it (and it's the reason we have pictures for this month's update, haha), but the best thing about it so far is that Anna can chat with Daddy on Face Time with it. We love to call him when he's downstairs working and we think he needs a break, and Anna loves watching Daddy talk to her on the phone! Even Kingsley gets in on the action sometimes, if he's downstairs keeping Stevo company.




We also discovered a fun little playground in the local mall (how did I not know this was here??) thanks to our friend Emilie. Holy cow, did Anna love this place!! It was a total zoo because of all the Christmas shoppers but we are definitely going back once the mall settles down.




And one more new favorite to finish off this month's update - I took Anna to the toy store yesterday to try to find a little doll for her. Well, we didn't find a doll but she found a Singamajig and I haven't seen her that excited about a toy in a long time, haha. She was literally jumping up and down and screeching with glee. So of course I had to get it for her and she's been clutching it and hugging it ever since.


And although this post is kind of picture-heavy (thanks, iphone!) we've also got some cute videos to share.

That's all for this month - so long and see you later!

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