Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Baby's Medicine Cabinet

A baby can require a surprising amount of medicines, and it's infinitely better to have them stocked and ready to go, vs. a frantic drug store run in the middle of a crying crisis. This is especially true because you will inevitably need one of these in the middle of the night and the only open drug store will be out of stock.

This is also a very handy list if you are buying for a baby shower - a lot of soon-to-be-parents don't add this stuff to the registry, and putting together a gift basket of any of these items will be guaranteed to be appreciated!

This sounds like a long list, but over the year+ of Anna's life, we've used almost all of this stuff (or had it on hand just in case!). So here's my version of a well-stocked baby medicine cabinet. Other mamas, am I missing any of your favorite products?

* Infant Tylenol
* Infant Ibuprofen
* Mylicon or Little Tummies Infant Gas Relief drops
* Gripe Water (Mother's Bliss or Little Tummies)
* Hyland's Teething Tablets
* Children's Benadryl
* Pedialyte
* Several different diaper rash creams - we like Aquaphor and Desitin for disposables and California Baby diaper cream for the cloth diapers
* A good digital infant thermometer
* Thermometer disposable covers
* Vaseline
* Baby Vick's rub
* Humidifier
* Nasal aspirator (a bulb syringe works well or we also like the NoseFrida)
* Saline drops and Saline Mist spray
* Rubbing alcohol
* Cold compress or boo-boo gel pads that can go in the fridge or freezer
* Antibacterial ointment
* Band-aids, gauze pads and medical tape

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