Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Fun

December has been a fun but very very busy month so far. I realized today that it had been over a week since my last post so I figured I owed y'all an update. Or at least some pictures!

After Thanksgiving, we made the 2 mile pilgrimage to the local Christmas tree lot, where Banana Bean helped us pick out the perfect tree.


We celebrated my birthday, although Steve made too big of a deal about how many candles he had to get. Two packs, yeah I get it. Also, speaking of birthdays, today is Captain Kingsley's birthday - happy birthday buddy!!


We bought Anna a little table and chairs set, and she helped her Daddy put it together. She had been the only kid in the playgroup that didn't have some kind of little table and I felt like a bad mommy. Well, now she's got one, and we're still working on how chairs work.




See her cute little purse hanging up behind them? That was her "yay you're walking!" present for being such a big girl. She has her toy car keys, toy cell phone, hairbrush, and usually snacks and a book in there.


Our friends Derek and Jessica came to visit for the weekend. I didn't get too many pictures but we had a really good time!

Decorating cookies.

I had to crop this picture very strategically because there were way too many obscene cookies. Thanks, guys.

Anna loved Jessica and they are now BFFs.

mmm pig.

My mom came over to babysit so we could go spend the evening out with Derek and Jessica, and Anna took advantage of the opportunity to sneak out of bed! Little did she know, Daddy would come home in his own zippered footie pajamas to tuck her back in.


In other holiday news, we have the house fully decorated and it looks great. You might remember that we did very little decorating last year so it's nice to get back into the holiday festive spirit. I'm dying to get some pictures of Anna looking at the tree, so hopefully I will get a chance to do that soon. Like...before Christmas!!

We hope you all are having a wonderful December!!

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