Sunday, December 4, 2011

Home for the Holidays

After several email RSVPs and lunch promises, I finally sat myself down the other day with my calendar to fill in my schedule. And then I almost started crying. Almost the entire month was completely filled up and it wasn't even December yet!!

I ran into the same problem last December. Before Anna came, I loved having a super busy month, but now I almost resent having to drive all over Atlanta, spend night after night away from her and Steve, and spend time and money on anything except my family. And this month was gearing up to be the same as last year. And I realized I didn't want to "get through" the holidays again this year. Time to put my foot down.

Anna last year at Christmas - look how small she was!

I went through my online calendar and my to-do list and cleared almost everything. Anything that required me to be in the kitchen for hours baking - gone. Overly ambitious decorating or holiday craft ideas - gone. A zillion Christmasy kids things all over the city - gone. Even my gift shopping list got minimized and pruned to where I could do almost all the purchases online.

Once I got done with the big calendar purge, I can't even tell you how much better I felt. How much more in the Christmas spirit I began to feel. The only things left are my friend events (yay!), my annual Christmas Eve brunch for my family, and our friends coming to visit for the weekend. I even cashed in my housecleaning sessions that I bought from Groupon to help relieve the cleaning pressure this month. I feel so free to just spend time with my baby girl and my handsome hubby, without feeling pulled in a zillion directions. We are going to do a few Christmasy things with Anna, but nothing stressful and no pressure to have the perfect Christmas experience. And Steve and I are going to spend our evenings hibernating in the living room, watching Christmas classics and admiring our tree. And I'm going to love every minute of it!!

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