Monday, January 23, 2012

16 Months Old!

Banana Bean is 16 months old today, big girl!


I'm not gonna lie, this past month brought us a few challenges. Out of nowhere, my happy-go-lucky, chill little girl developed quite the set of opinions and a determination to do things HER WAY. My toddler discipline techniques have come out in full force, but I do consider myself lucky that so far there are only a few truly naughty things that she likes to do. Her naughty list includes: snatching my glasses off of my face, playing with Daddy's XBox, grabbing our iPhones, and playing with Kingsley's food and water. A firm "no" works surprisingly well, especially followed up with a quick attention re-direct. It's a little funny to see her face suddenly look contrite once she realizes my "no" is serious!



The temper tantrums have started too - this girl can turn on the water works faster than the fire department and she's got a set of lungs to match!! My best trick for these are to snuggle her close and to sing or talk really softly. Anna ends up stopping her screaming to hear what I'm saying. I just hope that this trick holds up for a while until I can figure out something else to do - I have a feeling all of these strategies are only good for so long, haha.


Apart from those two frustrations,  Bean has learned so much this month. She is very good at understanding "May I have that please?" and will generally hand over anything she's holding. She has also blown me away a couple of times when I have asked her to go get something located in another room, and she trots back holding the item in her hand looking pleased as punch. We've been really focusing on colors this month too and she has gotten pretty good at getting the right color ball for me!


Anna also loves helping me around the house - she will hand me hangers when I'm sitting on the floor putting away her clothes, she helps me put her toys away in their baskets, and she will also bring me the books that she wants to read at bedtime. If I am ironing or putting away clothes in our bedroom, I open the doors to one of my small book shelves and I say, "Anna, I need your help in pulling ALL of these books out. Can you do that for me?" and she will sit there pulling all of the books out until I am finished with my work.


Her new infatuation is talking on the phone. She has two play cell phones and it's hilarious to see her hold one up to her ear and start jabbering away. I'm dying to know who she is "talking" to and what she is saying. And even funnier - she will hold almost any object up to her ear like it's a phone! So far she has a cookie phone, a banana phone, a shoe phone, and a block phone.


She made Daddy melt the other morning as he was getting ready to leave for work. She has been blowing him kisses as he leaves and as she goes up to bed for a while now, but today she ran over to him and gave him a huge snuggly hug and a kiss. It really sent him off for the day with a big smile on his face, the little lovebug!


Look how tall she looks in this picture, holy cow.

That's all I can think of for this month - see y'all next time!

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Lisa Elaine said...

Love the new Anna news! Thanks for the discipline tricks. I'm sure I will be needing some more of those...ha.