Wednesday, February 22, 2012

17 Months Old!

Banana Bean is 17 months old today, and all she wants to do is go go go!


She loves clementine oranges!


We had another bit of a challenging month, between my stomach plague for a week, and then Anna cutting THREE molars for a week. Holy hell. While you people were posting all of your cutesy Valentine's Day pictures, I spent my day week getting screamed at. Seriously, that was one pissed off little kid. Thankfully she is back to her happy self, but teething is no joke!!

Giving an experimental poke to her Valentine's Day play dough

Coloring on the floor is for amateurs.

The cutest thing that Anna has mastered this month is being able to identify her ears, eyes, nose, mouth, hair, and head. I've even been able to get her to point to her tongue and tummy, brilliant genius baby!!

Digging through Mommy's purse is one of her favorite past-times. And yes, I gift wrapped her tummy.

She steals my headbands and tries to put them on herself, the little princess!!

She has been babbling a lot again recently. Mama, Dada, Daw (dog), and Bah (ball) seem to be the only really consistent words still, but she has surprised me by saying "shew" (shoes) and "sheez" (cheese). I've only heard those a couple of times though so I don't know if they count as real words. Her babbling has evolved though and it really does sound like she's trying to have conversations with us. I pretend like I understand her and always respond back, but I'm excited for when we can have REAL conversations together!

Picnic with Jake and Susan, our neighbors.

Silly girl!


Anna's current favorites are Elmo, her pink flower shoes that she got for Christmas, strawberries, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and helping Mommy sweep. I finally gave Bean her very own munchkin-sized Swiffer so she would stop wrestling the broom out of my hands! She also LOVES the self-portrait option on my phone - as soon as she sees my phone out, she crawls over into my lap and jumps up and down waiting for me to take our picture. It's beyond adorable but it really does make it difficult sometimes to get a good picture of Anna doing anything except sitting in my lap, haha.




I've been asked how breastfeeding and cloth diapering are going. I am pretty positive that she will be weaned soon - it's gotten pretty painful recently now that I'm pregnant again, and although it makes me sad, I count myself lucky that we've made it this far without any real problems. She only nurses before her nap (unless Stevo puts her down) and bedtime, so I'm hoping the weaning process will be pretty quick and painless. Cloth diapering is still I've said before, I don't stress myself out with it - if it makes my life easier to switch for a day, I don't even think twice about using disposables. I also use a disposable at night since she sleeps so long. But otherwise, we still use cloth, and I am happy that we have an infant stash all ready to go for the new baby! FuzziBunz and BumGenius are my favorites out of all of our brands, and I think I will stick to those if/when I need to add some more pocket diapers to our collection.


I found that laptop at a consignment sale and it's been the best $5 I've spent in a while!

In other kiddo-related news, Steve and I are finally taking our very first trip away from Banana Bean. She will be staying with her beloved Poppy and SuSu, and we are going to visit friends. I know we are going to miss her but I am also looking forward to it. I'm hoping that Stevo and I can squeeze in a few trips together before the new baby comes, and this quick trip is a good warm-up to those plans!


Playing with Zoey


Well, I think that's about it for this month. Can you believe that in just one more month, Anna will be a year and a half old???

Apparently she is brave enough for the ball pit if her friends are in there with her!!

She looooves that slide!



Atlanta, Food and Love said...

She is so cute! You only have one more month of referring to her age in months and then you will have to say a year and a half...can you believe it? congrats you are a great mom!

Kathryn said...

Too late now, but I would tell Anna teeth are totally over rated.