Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sickie McSickerson

I am currently rounding up all of our picture-taking devices for a long overdue picture post, but just wanted to report on my week...I was attacked with what in hindsight has been internet-diagnosed as the norovirus, but whatever it was, it was some kind of nasty stomach curse that surely originated from the depths of the seventh layer of hell. My other theory is that it was food poisoning, although I can't figure out what it would have come from. Anna and Steve seem to have dodged the bullet (thank GOD) but needless to say, I've still spent the majority of my weekend disinfecting and scrubbing, just in case.

And I just want to say that wow...being truly sick with a baby is no fun. And it's no joke. And getting that sick during Steve's busy season was just downright stupid. He helped out when and where he could, but I'm not gonna lie - the majority of my week was spent either in the bathroom or lying on the couch. Or sleeping, when I could.

Thankfully, Banana Bean was a good sport and was happy playing by herself for most of the week. I think she enjoyed the change of scenery with having all her toys pulled out to the living room. I know she loved being able to watch as much Sesame Street as her little heart desired. And from the peanut butter hand prints that I discovered all over the walls and windows of the kitchen, I think she thoroughly enjoyed getting to roam around the kitchen with her dinner, haha!

The sweet part of this story was when I came downstairs to lie on the couch on my first full day of being sick, when Steve had to get back to work. Anna realized that something was wrong with me, and although it was heartbreaking, it was pretty amazing to see someone that young be so empathetic. She was visibly upset when she realized her momma was sick, and it took several minutes of cuddling before she would leave my side. Even then, she kept coming back to bring me toys or to get a hug. I love that little girl - what a sweetheart!!

Anyways, I'm back on the mend and looking forward to getting everything back in order. It's funny how messy and disorganized things can get when you're out of commission for a week!

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Lisa Elaine said...

Oh so sorry :( That is not fun. Sesame Street will be my future lifesaver, I'm sure.