Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Random Belly Babbles

One thing that has surprised me with this pregnancy has been how quickly the nesting has kicked in (if you're thinking, what?? click here!). I did have some nesting impulses with Anna, but they were really just towards the end and probably due more to restlessness than anything.

This time around? My house/husband/yard better watch out, because I seriously can't make it stop. I'm ITCHING to get a garden going. Everything needs to be reorganized and redecorated. I spend way too much time poring over decorating ideas for Anna's big girl room, tweaks to the nursery, play room ideas, and craft ideas. I have a list going of home repairs that need to be done RIGHT.THIS.SECOND, and that list is pretty much a mile long. I have a feeling this might be our most productive summer yet, thanks to Baby!!

Speaking of Anna's big girl room, it will be in what is now our guest room. I am very sad to lose our guest room - it's relatively rare nowadays that we have overnight guests, but I have really loved having a full, dedicated guest room that's pretty much always ready and available. Our house is "technically" a 5 bedroom house, but really, with the way we've got it set up, it's only a 3 bedroom, and it would take some major reorganization and renovations to get another permanent guest room up and running. And unfortunately we would sacrifice way too much day-to-day practicality. I think our best option is going to be to finally finish out the full bathroom that's on our main floor, and invest in some good air mattresses or maybe a nice futon. That way, if we do have overnight guests, we can temporarily convert the play room into a makeshift guest room. Anyone else have a similar situation? What did you do?

Our beautiful guest room, which will be missed.
The other decision that we will eventually have to make with Anna's big girl room is whether or not to keep her in her crib, and get another one for the nursery, or to take the plunge and move her into a bed. I have a feeling that this will be a very much last-minute decision. Right now I can't even fathom putting her into a bed, but I know a lot can change between now and August! Anna will be almost 2 when the baby comes - Moms of older kids, when did you make that transition? Any tips?

The other big change is that for the first time in a couple of years, I am seriously contemplating joining a gym. Anna HATES the stroller now, and it's almost impossible to take her on walks. Steve used to think I was crazy, but now even he has seen first hand how much she hates that stroller! And while we have a small workout room in the basement with an elliptical machine and a TV for workout DVDs, I have been thinking that it would be nice to be able to go to a real facility, especially one with a nursery for Anna. Luckily for us, our local YMCA is apparently fantastic, and they have both an indoor and an outdoor pool. AND even a prenatal water workout class! I was excited to hear that my neighbor friend is also thinking about joining - I would love to have a workout buddy! The pool would also enable us to go swimming throughout the whole summer - my doctor puts the big "no" stamp on lake-swimming during the last month of pregnancy, but chlorinated pools are apparently okay. And if you've ever been through a Georgia summer at 8-9 months pregnant, you know a cool pool is pretty much heaven on Earth!!

Anyway, those are some of the major changes going on right now in the Belly Babbles house. Lots of fun times and plans coming - it's going to be a great Spring and Summer!


Lisa Elaine said...

I've always wondered if a toddler and a baby can share a room... that's what I was hoping to do but I wasn't sure how safe it was. I'm sure I'll glean a bunch of knowledge from ya'll for when our second child comes along. You couldn't be having a second baby at a (selfishly) better time! ha ha :)

Nicole said...

I still say that I will gladly take some of your guest room stuff! You know...we just have to figure out how to ship it to Colorado =) Very excited for you and I think joining the Y will be fabulous! Good luck and so excited for you =)