Sunday, March 25, 2012

18 Months Old

My beautiful baby girl turned 18 months old a few days ago. 18 months!! I'm a little upset with ourselves that we didn't throw her a very merry un-birthday party, but hey, we've been busy. Next year though, we're totally doing it.

Her play room always looks like a disaster. I swear I clean it but she's like a tornado in there so the organization efforts don't last too long.



The weather has been beautiful here lately, so we've been spending a LOT of time outside. Anna has a little collection of outdoor toys, and she's also been having a lot of fun "helping" us in the gardens. Her assistance ranges from burying random objects in the dirt for us to find later to pulling plants out...yesterday Steve turned around to see her pulling an entire square's worth of onions out, haha! Kingsley likes having some company in the backyard too, and it's adorable watching the pup and kiddo playing together.



Her language skills have exploded in the last couple of weeks. I love nothing more right now than hearing her suddenly repeat a word back to me for the first time and to actually understand what she's asking for (well, sometimes). Now she can say "nana" (banana), more, toe, fish, book, dog, bubble,  ball, cheese, shoes, Mama, Dada, and moon. She can also sort of say "Elmo". She will also moo if she sees a picture of a cow, and baas at a cute!




Anna also loves identifying body parts, it's one of her favorite games. I mentioned this in her last monthly update, but now she can also identify teeth, belly button, toes, and tummy. It makes her giggle when she starts pointing at my nose or hair and I name it. It makes her giggle even more when she spots my belly button!!




One of our other favorite games right now is "fetch". I'll ask her to bring me a random object, and when she brings me the right one, she gets rewarded with delighted mommy squeals and big hugs. Particularly impressive fetch objects recently have been a strawberry, her pink pig magnet toy, her shoes, and her bubbles. She also gets to bring me all of the books she wants to read for's always interesting to see which ones she's picked out!

I gave her an old, clean makeup brush of her very own - she loves primping in the mirror!


Can you see how filthy she is? That was after a day of helping Daddy in the garden.

Bean is in 18-24 months clothing, and even a few 2T things. I'm not sure how much she weighs or how tall she is, but she has her pediatrician appointment on Friday so I'm looking forward to getting an update. As usual, she has a couple of teeth about to come in, so that's been rough.



Another development that has been interesting although not so much fun is that she now gets truly scared at things, even things that used to not bother her! I tried to make a smoothie the other day while she was eating her lunch and she got so terrified at the sound of the blender that I had to turn it off. She also inadvertently turned on the shower in her tub the other day and that really freaked her out, poor baby. She is also not happy with the vacuum cleaner.




Anna's favorite things right now are bath time and balls. As soon as she sees a ball, be it an actual ball, in a book, or even just any round object, she points and says "Ball? Ball? Ball?" She is particularly intrigued with a ball that Steve hung in the garage as a parking guide, especially if I give it a tap to get it swinging! And bath time is a lot of fun right now - I have several plastic cups in there that I had been using to get her hair rinsed, and she loves playing with those. She also loves splashing and spitting the water out of her mouth.




And this isn't specifically Anna-related, but I just had a friend post this on Facebook and it literally had me laughing out loud. If you're the parent of a toddler you will definitely appreciate this!!

Taking a break from the yard work to give Daddy a big hug.

Standing at the fence until Daddy comes back.


Happy half-birthday, Banana Bean!

I was making breakfast when I hear Anna "feeding" Kingsley. Most of it went straight into the water bowl!


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