Sunday, March 25, 2012


I may have mentioned that I'm feeling more hormonal and emotional this pregnancy than I ever was with Anna's. And recently, I've noticed some REALLY ridiculous things making me upset. Like full out tears, raging psycho upset. Or really silly things making me all weepy and teary. But, lest you think I'm in the middle of some kind of meltdown, I promise that 99.9% of the time, I'm very happy and content. It just turns out that pregnancy mood swings are no freaking joke, even if they only last for a minute or two!! So in the spirit of poking a little fun at the pregnant person, let's share a few, shall we?

And if you're super bored at work, you can play the game of guessing which of these makes me teary and which of these make me homicidal, haha.

Kroger not carrying my diaper detergent anymore.

TCBY not having smoothies, even though they are on the website.

The TCBY lady offering chocolate frozen yogurt instead of a smoothie, as if that was what I freaking wanted.

Downton Abbey.


The Adopt-A-Puppy drive at PetSmart.

That stupid "Pumped Up Kicks" song, I wish they would stop playing it on the radio. Don't they know it upsets me???

The Hunger Games. If everyone could just stop talking about it for a few more months, I would really appreciate it, because y'all are being really insensitive right now.

Atlanta drivers. They've always made me a little stabby but it's gone to a whole new level. I was almost hoping the lady tailgating the other day would rear-end me just so I could go off on her.

Kingsley barking.

Anna refusing to get in her car seat.

Guys buying flowers.

Stevo buying me flowers.

Big hugs from Banana Bean.

I'll have to make this a running list until August because I'm sure there will be more!!


insightfullyme said...

Well alrighty then! Bless your heart!

Sarah said...

lol Jen! At least I'm embracing the crazy, that has to count for something right? haha.

Kathryn Neidhardt said...

I am so sick of that pumped up kicks song, it's like a year old now, seriously. What is your detergent? I'll look for it at my Kroger.