Wednesday, March 14, 2012

State of the Uterus Address

See what I did there? Heh.

As everyone already knows, I had my 18 week anatomy scan ultrasound on Monday and everything with the baby looks great. But then I got a voicemail on Tuesday, and I was a little surprised to see my doctor's name on the caller ID. She said that my placenta was lower than they like to see, and then she started throwing out phrases like "placenta previa" and "if I see any bleeding I need to go to the hospital immediately". Um, what? And then she tells me not to worry about it.

So of course I immediately do what all doctors love for their patients to do, and I google. And apparently placenta previa, although it's somewhat common in terms of complications, can lead to some really scary complications. Most placentas grow at the top of the uterus, but if you have placenta previa, the placenta grows at the bottom of the uterus and either partially or completely blocks the cervix. It looks like having to have a c-section with Anna might have been a risk factor for this, although it might have also been the luck of the draw.

I have been taking comfort in the fact that the majority of previas correct themselves, and my doctor will do another ultrasound at the end of my 2nd trimester to confirm whether or not it has corrected itself. And I also take comfort in the fact that everybody I have talked to that had placenta previa had it correct itself.

If it doesn't correct itself, it looks like the end-of-pregnancy treatment plan is bed rest (3+ weeks of bed rest with a toddler??) and a definite c-section. And just hope and pray fervently that I don't start bleeding before that happens. The risks of that happening in regards to the baby are terrifying to me. And I am really not gonna lie, the fact that I'm already faced with the possibility of a c-section again does not freaking impress me. Especially when you throw in some additional scary previa-related risks with the c-section. Please insert obscenity of your choice here.

Anyway, I'm trying my best to not really think about it, because my doctor was right - there is absolutely nothing I can do about it and it won't do any good to dwell on it. I am just putting my hope in the statistics and will put all of my positive thoughts and energy into the previa fixing its damn self. I was told not to lift anything heavy, and I'm on the official "take it easy" list in terms of exercising, but I can still do my prenatal yoga and prenatal Pilates DVDs as long as I feel okay, which is nice. I'm also not on an official pelvic rest right now either, but I will probably put myself on an unofficial pelvic rest plan just to make myself feel better.

So, when you find yourself thinking about my uterus throughout the day, because I know you do, please send good thoughts and prayers. I really am trying not to dwell on it and it will probably be easier to do that once the news isn't so fresh, but I am hoping this will all be a whole lot of worrying for nothing!!


Lisa Elaine said...

Oh man. I'm sorry for the bad news. I can imagine how frustrating it would be to already be thinking about another possible c-section (darn surgeries). I had a friend with placenta previa and she also self-corrected at the last minute. So stay positive and here's to the best!

Robin said...

I had placenta previa with Eva and was put on pelvic rest until they did the second ultrasound and mine corrected itself. Obviously, take care of yourself, and follow the doctors orders, but try not to worry. Things will likely be just fine!