Sunday, April 22, 2012

19 Months Old!

My beautiful little girl is 19 months old today! What a fun month this has been!




I think the biggest piece of news from this month is that Anna is officially and fully weaned. I have been ready to be done nursing for a while now, but was having major mommy guilt about stopping her before she was ready. Well, lo and behold, she just up and stopped all by herself! I am thrilled that we were able to nurse so successfully until she was ready to stop, and I am also selfishly grateful that she stopped when she did, haha. I had about a week of discomfort but after that (and several days of cabbage leaves stuffed down my shirt), we are all happy and healthy. The other fantastic news in regards to weaning is that Anna is sleeping better than she ever has in her entire life. And I am loving the fact that Steve can easily handle bedtime now!




Anna has also noticed my belly getting bigger and she has been very interested in it, especially my belly button. I keep telling her that her baby sister is inside there, just like she used to be, but I don't think she really understands, haha. The other day at play group, I was holding my friend's precious 2 month old and Anna seemed very confused to see me holding a baby. And then she got mad at me for not letting her hold the baby too!!



Speaking of play group, we met at Debbie's house so we could see the baby chickens that they got for Easter. I was a little nervous letting Anna touch the fragile baby birds but she did SO well! She pet them very gently and didn't try to grab them, and she kept excitedly saying "burrs! burrs! burrs!". So cute!


We took Beanie Baby up to Chattanooga for a day trip and to hang out with our friend Jessica, while Steve went to the Orange and White football game in Knoxville. It was a looong day but Bean was such a trooper! We took her to the aquarium (so much less stressful than the Atlanta one, my goodness), lunch, and walked around a little outdoor festival that was nearby. And the highlight of her day was getting to play with Jessica's dogs Taffie and Daizy, her new BFFs! 




Anna loves dancing - if she hears music or if I start singing, she will immediately start busting a move. And we even have "our" favorite songs on her toys where if it starts playing, she'll grab my hands so we can dance together.




This next month will be a lot of fun - we've got some more out-of-town trips planned and Steve is finally done with busy season (yay!). We're hoping to fit in a bunch of fun Atlanta adventures before lake and beach season officially kicks off!




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