Thursday, April 5, 2012

So Fresh and So Clean Clean Part 2

Last year I started slowly trying to replace my toiletries and cosmetics with products that are rated "green" on the Environmental Working Guide's Cosmetic Database. Here is the original post if you missed it! I've tried a few new products over the last couple of months and wanted to share the ones that had my seal of approval. Anybody else doing something similar and found any products that you like?

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Happy Mama Body Wash: I started using this when I found out I was pregnant and I am very happy with it. It has a very light ginger and grapefruit scent to it, and it makes me happy that it's a foamy soap. I ordered all of the Earth Mama Angel Baby products online at

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Natural Stretch Oil: There are approximately three million products out there that swear they will prevent stretch marks. I, however, am of the opinion that it's a matter of predestination, and if you are meant to get stretch marks, you are going to get stretch marks, no matter what pricey oils you slather on. That being said, there are few things less comfortable than super dry, itchy pregnancy skin, and regular lotion doesn't really seem to do much throughout the day. I gave this oil a try and I am happy I did. I was hesitant because of the word "oil" - I pictured having to scrub it out of my clothes and feeling greasy all day. You do need to rub it in well, but it moisturizes all day and I haven't noticed any issues with it getting all over my clothes. And, at least so far, I haven't added any stretch marks to the tiger-claw collection that Anna so graciously bestowed upon me.

Pure & Basic -Volumizing Cool Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner: I have thin, highlighted hair, and usually once I find a line of products that works well with it, I am loathe to part with them. But my Redken products are crazy expensive and they are also ranked not-so-hot on the EWG guide, so I was open to trying some new things. This shampoo and conditioner works surprisingly well, and both are safe for color-treated hair. The shampoo is admittedly not a green, it's ranked a low yellow, but the conditioner is green. My one complaint about these is that the peppermint scent is a little too strong for my poor pregnant doesn't linger after I blow-dry but in the shower, the scent can be a little overwhelming. I also ordered these products from

Alba Botanica - Medium Hold Hair Spray: My hair styles are usually pretty simple, and like I said, my hair is thin, so I don't need a super heavy-duty hair spray. This stuff does the trick nicely and is a nice healthy green on the EWG guide. I bought this at Target.

Burt's Bee's - Orange Essence Facial Cleanser: Oh my, does this stuff smell like heaven. If you like citrus smells, you need to go buy this stuff in bulk and then spend your whole day sniffing them. I have found that I need to do some extra scrubbing to get my eye makeup off with this cleanser, but overall, I like it very much. I bought this cleanser at Target.

Bare Escentuals - Bare Minerals Makeup: After I had several of my prettiest blog readers recommend this product line after my last SFASCC post, I knew I had to try it. And then when I unexpectedly got a birthday budget boost, I hit the ground running with it and haven't looked back. I have gotten so many compliments about it since I started using it, which always makes my day! My favorite thing about this makeup line is something that my hubby also probably appreciates - when I was using my Clinique products, my face felt so oily and heavy by the end of the day that I couldn't wait to scrub it off. The Bare Minerals stuff doesn't get oily at all, and I don't even remember that I have it on. So my face stays pretty and made up all the way until bedtime! The starter set came with a DVD to help explain how to apply it, and after a few practice tries, it was a piece of cake. I began my collection with the starter set with the foundation powder, the mineral veil, the bronzer, and a pink blush. I have since added a Radiance powder, several eyeshadows, eyebrow powder, and a lip gloss. I am eager to try some mascara and add some new lip glosses to my makeup bag for the summer, and I am also interested to try their moisturizer. As an added bonus, the makeup has an SPF 15 mixed in to it, which is a great protection against daily sun exposure. My local mall has a Bare Escentuals store, but you can also order it online.

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Lisa Elaine said...

I love Bare Minderals! I'm glad it worked for you. I love how light it is.

I received some sort of face primer lotion as a sample with one of my powders and I really like it. You should try it out.