Wednesday, May 23, 2012

20 Months Old!

My beautiful little girl is 20 months old today and holy cow time is flying by!



As I mentioned before, Anna officially joined the Anti-Crib Club and so that has been a bit of a challenge. We also had the added bonus of having THREE canine teeth come in all at the same time, so she has been a clingy fussy mess for the last 2 weeks. Naps were non-existent for at least a week and she has to be in my lap or holding on to me every.single.second so there have been some very long days in there for me, haha. Thankfully it seems like it has turned a corner and she even napped for a whole hour the other day in her toddler bed!! She has also started sleeping through the night again, even in her big girl bed, so I am also very thankful for that. Momma is tired!!



Apart from the teething/sleeping dramatics, this month has been fun. Her vocabulary builds every day and I absolutely adore hearing new words. The latest additions have been "boo-bwee!" (blueberry), door, stars, slide, stairs, socks, puppy, tur-tuh (turtle), and Daddy (instead of Dada). Anna was even saying "rhino" one day, but I haven't heard it since so I don't know if it's officially a word yet. Oh!! And she also said several two word phrases! She said "good girl" one day which thrilled me, since I always say that to her. She has also said "more nana" and pointed up at the counter for her usual morning banana, and she also stood in the kitchen and said "pup door" and pointed at Kingsley standing outside. She also said "More song" the other day. She's such a genius!



Anna's favorite thing right now is this book:

She absolutely loves curling up in the play room chair with me and going through all the pages. I love watching her point at the animals that I say, even the hard ones like chinchilla! She also loves stickers right now - Anna used up all of her Easter stickers and most of the Mickey Mouse stickers that I bought ages ago, so I will have to start stocking up!



Bean has also claimed some new favorite songs, partly thanks to her extended bedtime routines these last two weeks. She loves the old Sharon Louis & Bram "Skinnamarink" song - do you guys know what I'm talking about? She'll even do mini versions of the hand motions, so cute! She also loves Itsy Bitsy Spider, Over the Rainbow, and the Popcorn Popping song that I used to sing to her as a baby. Basically anything with hand motions!


Bean likes to use my belly as a convenient puzzle piece holder.

An absolutely adorable thing Anna has started doing recently is pulling us in for a hug and then giving us little pats. It makes me smile every single time, the little sweetheart. She has also been quite the kissy-face lately - Mommy and Daddy both get lots of smooches, along with the dog, her bed bunnies, Elmo, and pretty much any other object that captures her attention.



Banana Bean has also discovered light switches and loves flipping the lights on and off. The triple switch in the kitchen/living room is one of the few switches that she can reach by herself so it's a pretty common sight in our house to see the breakfast nook lights, kitchen lights, and living room lights going on and off like a disco. I have also used this new discovery to my advantage, and brush her teeth while she plays with the bathroom light switch, haha. I also tell her that if she lies down and lets me put her diaper on like a good girl, I'll let her turn off the light.



By the way, I had a wonderful Mother's Day. I got to sleep in and then Stevo made me breakfast and yummy Caribou Coffee (my favorite!). As one of my presents, I got a foot massage gadget which you can see was thoroughly tested for my enjoyment, haha:


I told her to smile and this is what I get:


And then we got this, so it's not a total lost cause! Pretty smile, finally - haha.


Well, I think that's about all for this month - see you later alligators!


Lisa Elaine said...

Those clingy days are rough, I feel for you. Starting to talk is one of my favorite things so far. Anna says both "ball" and "birdie"- every time she hears a bird outside she looks at me and goes "birdie!" like it's the most amazing thing on earth, ha ha. So cute. Anna F is so precious!

Kathryn said...

What a cutie/genius baby!

Nicole said...

OMG, Sarah, I love her. I love the first smile pic and goodness - her eyes just make me melt! I totally remember "Skinamerink-a-dink-a-dink" or however you spell it =) Glad you had a happy mothers day!!