Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Aboot the Ute (I'm Canadian today, if you can't tell)

I had another OB check-up today and it led to quite the doctor-filled day. My doctor mentioned that she wanted me to see a high-risk specialist because of the previa...apparently she meant to set up an appointment for me after my last ultrasound and it fell through the cracks, so they convinced the high-risk office to fit me in today. And luckily the appointment time worked out with Bean's nap time, so Steve was willing to watch her and still could get some work done.

The high-risk office is in the same medical building, and the doctor that I was assigned to seems nice, competent and caring. Honestly, I am very much relieved that there is another doctor in the mix now, and especially a high-risk one. I was very very happy with my doctors during Anna's pregnancy, but have been extremely frustrated this time around now that there are complications thrown in the mix. I don't really care to go into it here in this blog post but I am going to push as hard as I can to have the high-risk doctor handle the delivery (which he might be already, I dunno).

Anyway, I was at the high-risk office for almost two hours today, and 95% of that time was spent getting various ultrasounds. The technician took about a million pictures of Madeline's heart and lungs, which freaked me the eff out, but the doctor ended up coming back in and having the tech re-do the ultrasound while he was standing right there, and they decided there weren't any issues. It really meant a lot to me that the doctor would spend that much time with me instead of just looking at the pictures later, so it made me happy and I am so relieved that Madeline looks perfect and healthy. He expressed some concern that she is small, but I don't know if she is truly small or if he is just comparing her to the chunker weight that Anna was.

The bad news is that the placenta is still very much anterior previa. The possibility of a hysterectomy was brought up again. The doctor did show me the line between my placenta and the uterus and how it was clear and clean, which he said is an encouraging sign that even if there is accreta, it might not be bad enough to warrant a hysterectomy and they might be able to save the uterus. Overall though, they still couldn't get a for-sure diagnosis, but he said that my OB was 100% justified in worrying about the possibility of accreta. He has scheduled me for an MRI next week that can hopefully tell us one way or the other.

The MRI is going to take place at the main "baby hospital" here in Atlanta and holy hell, it's expensive, even with insurance. From what I can tell though it's really important to get a true diagnosis, if possible, to help my medical team prepare as best they can for the delivery. They have to make sure to have blood stocked in the event of a hemorrhage (so all you O-Negative people need to plan to donate around the middle of July, please!), the surgical ICU on alert, and they also might need to do a much earlier c-section than Anna's 39 weeks, which would mean time in the NICU for Madeline. They also might need to have multiple surgeons on hand for various complications. All scary stuff to think about.

Needless to say, I have a slew of doctor's appointments scheduled over the next month and I have also spent most of my evening tonight reading medical journals about accreta. And blogging about the Bean, which is a much more enjoyable activity.

Please continue to send your good thoughts to my reproductive system.


Sarah Morgan said...

Thinking about you everyday. Sending love your way!!!

Lisa Elaine said...

Oh Sarah that is so scary, you seem to be handling the unknown with a lot of strength considering. Thanks for the update- thinking of you guys! Hoping for a miracle!

Kathryn said...

Sending good thoughts!

Nicole said...

You don't even need to ask - thinking about you so much!!! Thank you for the update, m'dear!

insightfullyme said...

Okay, now reading this one and am still keeping hope! I am glad you are with a high risk doc now as it sounds like you are in good hands! This what they get paid the big bucks for dear and you are certainly making them earn it!

Keeping you in my prayers!