Saturday, May 12, 2012

Garden Update

Our garden has exploded these last few weeks and Stevo wants to show it off! We've been trying to eat all the lettuce and spinach, after we realized it apparently doesn't do well in the heat. I have loved having salads every day for lunch and Anna always enjoys helping us harvest!

We've got a bunch of tomatoes getting ready to ripen - they are still pretty green but they look like they are going to be tasty. We've also got a bunch of green beans that actually look ready to pick, and a bunch of buds on the squash and zucchini plants. The pumpkin plant that we planted on a whim is pretty much taken over the garden, haha. The various fruits (watermelon, raspberries, strawberries) look like they're chugging along - we knew it would take a while for those but I'm impatient! The herbs up on the porch are also doing fantastic - we've already used the mint and basil and oregano a ton, and even some of the cilantro. The only thing that looks like it never really worked was celery, but given how little we eat it, we're not really all that upset about it.

Anyway here are some pictures:

 Pirate & Garden in sun
 Kingsley's been doing his job at keeping the animals away!

The massive pumpkin plant

Summer Squash
Summer squash

Zucchini & Cucumber
Zucchini and Cucumber

Strawberries (2 left ones are new)
Strawberries and then you can also see that we recently planted some lavender.



Tomatoes out of control
More tomatoes...I think these plants are trying to escape.

Spinach out of Control

One of the porch herb planters...this one is the mint.

Pirate Plant


Jessica Thompson said...

Yum! The garden looks wonderful! I can barely keep my little aloe plant alive, so this impresses me more than you can know lol :)

Atlanta, Food and Love said...

Looks so good! FYI - alot of tomatoes get ripe better on the window seal inside, than leaving them on the vine until they are totally red. You might can go ahead and pull some of those green ones, because if you leave them on the vine too long the skin will burst (especially with all the rain we have had) or the worms will get in them.

Sarah said...

Lainey I didn't know that! I will try to pick some now and see how they do.

And Jessica I'm impressed with ourselves too - I have generally managed to kill every plant before now so the fact that these things are still alive pretty much blows my mind, haha.

Atlanta, Food and Love said...

Hope you don't think I am being a know it all...just trying to help. Apparently when it rains alot the tomatoes just keep soaking it up and then eventually get to big for their skins. Happy growing!

Sarah said...

of course not!! Steve and I knew absolutely nothing about gardening when we started this whole project and we're very much learning as we go, so advice is always very much appreciated. Keep it coming!!