Saturday, May 19, 2012

Maternity Clothes

Although I do still have a bunch of stuff from Anna's pregnancy, I realized that it was a more work-ish wardrobe, and I really needed some stuff that was more park/beach/lake/house friendly. So I've been hitting the stores with mixed success and figured it was time to share my thoughts!

The Best

Target: I love Target. And they have had some REALLY cute maternity stuff lately. I've found that the in-store selection can really vary store to store, but they also have a bunch of clothes online. My favorite thing about their maternity clothes lately is that they have had several maxi dresses and skirts, which are SO comfortable and cool, and easy to throw on and go. I found the dress that I wore to my sister's shower at Target! My one complaint about Target's maternity section (Target? Are you listening?) is that they really need a better lounge/active wear selection.

Asos: I actually had never heard of this site before but then saw it posted online and checked it out - they have some CUTE stuff! I feel like the majority of maternity clothes are kind of frumpy and matronly, but this site has stuff that lines up very well with my late-20's style sense and I could very easily spend a small fortune here. My sister ordered her shower dress from here and it looked like it was good quality, and very pretty. And they have free shipping both ways, which I can very much appreciate for hard-to-fit maternity clothes.

The Mixed

Walmart: Guys, I hate Walmart. I avoid shopping at Walmart unless absolutely necessary. So imagine my surprise when I realized that they actually had some decent maternity options on their website! I  will give a very huge disclaimer that the quality is very much Walmart quality. I don't expect this stuff to last through multiple pregnancies but honestly, at the price, I don't really care. I bought basic tank tops, yoga pants, and a couple of pairs of gaucho pants. I also bought a couple of casual tops. I wouldn't buy any of this stuff to wear to work or out to any kind of non-casual event, but for my purposes (I needed gym and lounge clothes), it is perfect and just the right price. Learn from my mistake though and WASH everything before you wear it - the black clothes will dye EVERYTHING they touch, including your skin. And sheets.

Motherhood Maternity: This store is great for the basics but it is, in my opinion, a little expensive for the quality. Between this pregnancy and Anna's pregnancy, the bulk of my pants, jeans and shorts are from here, but I always try to wait for the sales. I also bought a maternity hooded lightweight sweatshirt this time around that I love!

The Bad

Old Navy: I ordered a bunch of things from Old Navy and the unfortunate thing about this store is that the majority of their maternity stuff is online-only, and they charge you return shipping. I have always found that Old Navy sizing and fit is extremely inconsistent and this was no different with the maternity stuff- half of the clothes that I bought looked awful and the fit was completely off. The clothes that did fit looked cute but I am pretty sure that was my last Old Navy order, at least while pregnant. 

Other pregnant people, have you had any good or bad shopping experiences? I would love to compare notes and hear your favorite places to shop!


Lisa Elaine said...

I have the same problem- all my maternity clothes are the wrong season and mostly work clothes. I love love Motherhood Maternity when it comes to style, but they are not really affordable. I did get my bathing suit there, though, since I will be wearing it all summer. I ended up just getting some solid t-shirts and tank tops from Target. I'm also thinking about hemming my work pants into bermuda shorts since bottoms are pricey. I never thought of Walmart but their shorts are a lot cheaper so that's a good idea. I've also had some success with Craigslist or yard sales. But it's hard to find my size...

Allyson said...

I was also disappointed with Old Navy stuff. I ordered 3 pairs of jeans from their website and all 3 were completely different sizes even though the number size was the same. Horribly inconsistent. I did find some cute stuff on Ebay, even though it was tough in the beginning to figure out sizes.

Lisa Elaine said...

I meant to tell you, try Burlington Coat Factory. They have great deals on bottoms. The tops and dresses seem kind of cheesy/cheap to me, but I got a few pairs of cute capris for $12 each. A mom tipped me off to look there- I'd never even been to one before :)