Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MRI Musings

I had my MRI today. The MRI is the very last thing that we can try to get an official diagnosis of accreta before the very-much-not-ideal plan of "we'll see during the c-section" option. I know it sounds ridiculous to say this but I almost hope that they do say I have accreta from the MRI, just to know what for sure what we're dealing with.

I had absolutely zero idea what to expect from an MRI experience. A few friends on Facebook offered some advice and I did follow the fantastic tip of wearing just plain yoga pants, a sports bra, and a t-shirt. Well, and underwear. The radiologist had one of those awkward hospital gowns all ready and waiting for me, but when she saw my outfit, she said it was perfect and that I didn't need to change. Holla! So if any other problem-placenta preggos have to go get an MRI, avoid any kind of metal in your clothes and make sure they are pretty form-fitting. My Facebook friends were also correct in their warning that the machine is pretty loud, and Madeline was kicking away in there because of the noise! The radiologist asked me afterward if the baby had been kicking and when I said yes, she laughed and said that it happens most of the time.

I had four primary concerns going into this MRI. The first was having to lie on my back. Anybody who has been 30 weeks pregnant knows how unbelievably uncomfortable you can get from lying on your back for any extended period of time. The second concern was that I was going to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the scan. Anybody who has been any number of weeks pregnant knows full well that this is a valid concern. And then my third concern is that this going to be a massive waste of money and we're going to end up right back where we started. A fourth concern was my claustrophobia, but since the MRI was focusing pretty low on my midsection, the top of my head was out of the tunnel for most of it, and I kept my eyes closed for the parts where I was fully in the tunnel.

I do think that my doctor made a very wise decision in insisting that I go all the way down to Northside Hospital for the MRI. The insurance company had been pushing him to switch to one of the closer and (much) less expensive MRI facilities, but he was adamant that I go to Northside. And I do have to admit that the radiologist seemed extremely experienced in dealing with pregnant people. She had pillows that she used to help prop my legs up and to help keep me a little more comfortable, and she also promised to move as quickly as possible to get me off of my back. They were able to get the scans done in about 20 minutes. She also said that she does prenatal scans ALL the time, which makes me hopeful that we got the images that we needed. I'm still not feeling all that great tonight but I think that I'm also still trying to catch up from this weekend.

Apparently my doctor will have the radiologist's report by Thursday or Friday, so let's keep our fingers crossed and keep hoping for the best. Or at least some concrete answers!

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