Saturday, June 23, 2012

21 Months!

Our beautiful Anna is 21 months old today! It's becoming more and more real to me that she will have her second birthday coming up soon and I seriously cannot believe it.



This has been an interesting month for us and Anna has been handling it like a champ. I've been increasingly less mobile, and our days are now spent in her playroom or doing easy chores around the house. I thought she would be miserable but she has been so content to curl up with me on the couch and read books, or do her puzzles, or sing songs. Of course, she has also had waaaay too much time with the iPhone so I am happy that Steve will be taking over full-time next week! We've got all her favorite activities lined up and bounce places pre-paid, and Steve has promised to take her out every day. Hopefully it will keep her entertained and give her plenty of attention before her baby sister comes!

Picking out a puzzle

Stickers! And we had just cleaned up the play room. It doesn't stay like that for long, but hey, we try.

Anna got her little paws into my baking chocolate stash!!


One really fun development this month has been her helping. Until recently, her "helping" has really been more of a hindrance, but now she actually contributes to the chore in her own little way and it is the sweetest thing to watch. Her favorite things to do are to hand me dishes out of the dishwasher to put away, to carry over a water bottle from Daddy to me on the couch, and to hand me hangers out of the laundry basket. Anna has also gotten pretty good at putting away her toys into the basket, and putting her farm magnets back up on the fridge. She was highly amused by the little handheld Dust Buster that I pulled out the other day to clean up Goldfish crackers, and that was promptly wrestled out of my hands so she could vacuum too. Oh, and she will also grab our microfiber duster from me and take over dusting duties - let's hope she's still interested in dusting when she's tall enough to actually reach everything that needs to be dusted!!


Kingsley loves it when she eats at the table - plenty of sharing!!


Another cute thing Bean has been doing this month is falling asleep clutching random objects. It's never anything consistent, and it's certainly never either of her two bed bunnies. It's usually a book, but it has also been her toothbrush, her hairbrush, a pair of socks, and even a Disney princess tennis shoe.

My front camera needs to be cleaned, what do you think? haha


Anna has also been helping me get ready for Madeline's arrival. The other day, I had Steve pull out the storage bins with all of Anna's newborn and 0-3 month clothes, and I sat on the floor to sort out what I wanted to keep and re-wash. I kept squealing as I found old favorite items, and I can't believe how SMALL those clothes are! When I would find a specific onesie or dress that I used to love, I would hold it up to Anna and exclaim how little she used to be and how I can't believe that those clothes used to fit. It was adorable watching her admire the clothes and putting up with her crazy mother, haha. Bean was also infatuated with her infant car seat that we pulled out - it was hilarious seeing her long legs hanging out but she must have been pretty comfortable because she kept climbing back in!



This picture is from one of her obnoxious Mickey Mouse apps, haha.


Since she loves reading so much, I treated to her to a little book shopping spree while we were at Babies R Us picking up a "welcome to the world" present for Daniel. Anna currently LOVES any kind of counting books, so we bought several of those. She has put herself to sleep on several occasions with this book:

 She just loves counting those fish!! And my bookworm heart loves it when she is fresh out of her bath and ready for bed, and I tell her to pick out a book to read - she will bring over an entire armload of books to dump into my lap. Of course we read them all!

Shopping spree! And yes, I managed to sneak most of her selections back onto the shelves, haha.


Apparently my bump is a pretty comfortable pillow!

The pool has been in frequent use now that it's so hot outside!


I'm hoping that the next month won't be too sparse with pictures - maybe we can all encourage Steve to take lots of pictures while they are out and about together! Regardless of photo documentation, this next month is gonna be a big one - Madeline will be coming and Anna will be a big sister!!

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