Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful...Beautiful Boy!

So my Facebook friends already heard the good news, but my sister had her cutie-pie little boy this week!!! He came a little early and Allyson insists that it's completely my fault - I had just been telling her earlier this week that I really needed her to have her baby next week so that I could come visit before my bed rest started. And what happens? Her water breaks just a day or two later, haha. Baby and Mama are both doing great - Allyson is a natural and I'm told that Tulio is even handling a bunch of the diaper duty!


16 hours of labor later, Allyson gave birth to healthy 6 lb peanut Daniel. And today they came home from the hospital and Anna and I came to visit!


Anna was very intrigued with the tiny baby, especially when I was holding him. She gave him quite a number of dubious stares and refused to touch will be interesting to see what she thinks when "her" baby is here! She did warm up a little bit near the end, and kept pointing to him and saying "bay-bee!", so that was really cute.

Welcome to the world, baby Daniel!! We all love you!

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