Monday, June 25, 2012

The Final Countdown

Well, today was my first official day of bed rest. And I did very little resting because I had two doctor's appointments scheduled today, haha. Maybe tomorrow can count as the first official day.

My first appointment was at the high risk doctor's office, complete with a full ultrasound panel and then a chat with one of the high risk doctors. It was fun to see Madeline again, she spent the entire hour kicking at the ultrasound wand and sucking her thumb. Apparently everything looks good with Madeline, and they weren't really able to tell anything new about the accreta. The ultrasound tech estimated that Madeline was currently about 4 lbs, 5 oz. She also confirmed that Madeline was now head-down (she used to be transverse, across my stomach) and I've had fun poking at her little feet as they kick! The doctor said that they would love to see her get to 5 lbs before she's born but at this point, their main focus is on me. Madeline will do okay, hopefully with minimal intervention from the NICU.

She is waving in these pictures! Hi guys!
 Although "my" high risk doctor was off today, I got to have an in-depth conversation with the doctor that was there today, and she was awesome. I told her that Steve and I really wanted to understand what the surgery process was going to be like, especially compared to our first c-section experience. We also told her that we weren't even sure which doctor was doing the delivery!!

Well, apparently, ALL the doctors are doing the delivery. The high risk doctor will be there as well as both of my regular doctors, and there will also be another doctor there to monitor my blood situation and administer transfusions if I start to hemorrhage. They are also going to perform the surgery in the main operating room at the hospital, instead of the smaller labor and delivery operating room that we delivered Anna in. The doctor also confirmed that I will be under general anesthesia instead of just the epidural, in case they have to move to a hysterectomy or if there is another emergency situation. And yes, I'm upset about that. All of the doctors said that they are hoping they won't need the majority of these preparations, but that they would rather have the operating room staffed and stocked than to have everyone scrambling if things go wrong. I told them I am okay with that strategy!!

The doctor also said that my hospital stay could be anywhere from the normal 3 days up to a week, depending on what happens during surgery. Luckily for us, SuSu will be here for the duration and it's comforting to know that Bean will be in good hands while I am out of commission. And I am also thankful that we are 5 minutes from the hospital, so Steve can come and go easily. I know he really enjoyed getting to go home and shower and nap for a little bit during our Anna stay, and I know I enjoyed him bringing me good coffee!!!

The high risk doctor said that they wanted to schedule the surgery for 36 or 37 weeks (I will be 34 weeks tomorrow). Later this afternoon, we had an appointment with one of my regular doctors, and she said that the Braxton-Hicks contractions that I've been having seem to be more intense than she is comfortable with, and she wants to schedule it for 36 weeks. And that she'd have the office manager coordinate with the hospital today and they'd call with dates. So...omg, I'm going to have a baby!

I am happy that it feels like all of my doctors are fully in the loop now and that we have a strategy. I have one more appointment with each office next week and am for-real officially on bed rest in the meantime. Now just to get a surgery date set and hope that it doesn't go into an emergency situation before Madeline's scheduled arrival....2 weeks to go!!

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