Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pre-Baby Prep

I'm 33 weeks today and feeling a little better this week. Steve is back from his guys weekend (thank God) and having him back here makes taking care of Anna SO much easier. I have been on modified bed rest this week, because I am still having the Braxton-Hicks contractions and also some pretty fast swelling in my feet if I'm standing for too long. I move to full bed rest next week so wish us luck!

The other pregnancy development is that the nesting impulse has come back full force. It hit me at my last doctor's appointment that Madeline could be here literally any week now and we haven't done a single thing to get ready for her. I'm convinced she will be making an appearance early so this week's mission is to get everything ready, just in case, and before the full bed rest starts.

Luckily for us, we have almost everything we need already from Anna's newborn days, so this process has really just been getting everything pulled out, sorted, and freshly washed. We have a few bigger things that we still need to buy, like a double stroller, and a small list of little items like newborn-sized clothes (Anna never fit into newborn sized and I suspect we don't have much!!). I'm thankful for Amazon Prime because I can guarantee you, the bulk of the shopping will be delivered right to my front porch, haha.


The other logistical thing we have been contemplating is what to do with the bedrooms. Right now, as you know, we've got the nursery set up with Anna's toddler bed, and then our guest room is still the guest room. We put our plans to move Anna to her big girl room on hold, given the bed rest and c-section situation, so that Susan would have a good place to sleep when she comes to help and visit. Plus I have been so excited to do the big girl room project, I really want to wait until I'm back in full mobility/energy so we can do it the proper justice it deserves! In the meantime, we are going to create a little nursery nook in our master bedroom...luckily for us the room is easily big enough to fit the crib and glider. And that way Anna can keep the room that she's used to, at least during the initial baby transition. Once the baby is home and settled, we will move them both into their new rooms, but for now I think we've made the right decision!

The last item on my immediate to-do list is to pack a bag for the hospital. After hearing that my poor sister slept in her contact lenses during the first night at the hospital, I realized that I too would be pretty miserable without my toiletries and a change of clothes. I am a creature of comfort, what can I say? Yes, we live 5 minutes from the hospital, so it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I know I would feel better knowing I had a bag packed just in case!! I know I over-packed during my stay with Anna (surprise surprise...me?? over-pack?? lol) so I'm trying to keep it reasonable this time, but I know I want to load up my Nook with some new books, make sure I have a phone charger, and also pack a few healthy snacks.

It feels good to have something productive to focus on - let's just hope this sense of urgency is normal nesting and not an indication that Madeline is ready to come!!

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