Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Homecoming Princess

Our darling girl Anna finally came home on Saturday after a fun-filled couple of weeks up at the lake. It was SO hard being away from her and it just about broke my heart when she cried because she was so happy to be home.

Anna immediately claimed the balloon as her own

We had Maddie tucked into the corner in her rocker when Anna got home, and let the focus be on Bean for a while. She curled up right next to me and wrapped my arms around her as tight as they would go, and she wouldn't let go for the world!! Once she seemed to be settling in, we asked her if she wanted to see the baby...Anna walked over with us, peered into the rocker, and walked right back over to the couch, haha.

Taking Maddie for a spin around the kitchen - don't worry, I was right there and she wasn't going fast!!

Crazy girl

The good news is that Anna is really a wonderful big sister. She has been so eager to help, and so interested in the baby and what she happens to be doing at the time. Today she reached into my lap and gave Maddie several big hugs and a couple of kisses, completely unprompted! We have to remind her constantly to be gentle and to be careful around the baby, but it's all been from regular toddler rambunctiousness.


She's trying to open Maddie's little fist for a high five

Her favorite way to help is to hand me supplies when I have Madeline on the changing table. We have all of the wipes and diapers stowed on the bottom two shelves of the changing table, and Anna makes it her mission to make sure that I have everything I could possibly need for Madeline's change. She gets a little overly enthusiastic, and I've had to play goalie for a few face-aimed wipe packs, but I think it's so cute how she wants to help.


Anna also tries to share her snacks with Madeline - I tell her that it's sweet of her to share, but Madeline isn't ready yet for cantaloupe or Goldfish. Anna is also constantly trying to give Maddie a high five - luckily her smacks aren't too hard because Maddie hasn't quite figured out the concept yet, haha. Bean is very gentle though when she is petting Maddie's head, which is one of her new favorite things to do. And speaking of Maddie's head, her other favorite thing to do is to steal Maddie's hats. Anna also constantly points at Madeline and says "baby!".

Trying to share her water crayon


One other fun thing has been Anna's baby. SuSu bought Bean the little baby doll from American Girl, and Anna has really taken to it. She carries it around with her, gives it a milk bottle, and even fell asleep clutching it tonight. We encourage Anna to take care of her baby if we are busy with Maddie and it's really adorable to see her following along with us.

Putting "her baby" in the car seat

Showing off Madeline to her friends. Thanks Aunt Margaret for the cute outfit!
Anna has generally been really good and the only thing that is truly hard is not being able to pick her up (she's had quite the growth spurt recently and I start to feel it pretty quickly if I am carrying her). I also have difficulty getting Anna up and down the stairs but I am hoping that by the time Steve goes back to the office next week, I will have healed enough to handle the stairs. I am also perpetually on abdomen patrol - Bean has landed a few unintentional kicks or head butts to my midsection and hoo boy that hurts!!!!! Other than those things, I have been feeling good and recovering very quickly.

We have been spending our week getting the house cleaned up from its bed rest/end of pregnancy neglect and figuring out our new routine, and I am eager to be able to get out and about again with both the girls. I am so happy that Anna seems to be adjusting well and that she has welcomed her little sister with (seemingly) open arms and that she is excited to have a new little person to play with!

I had a little helper with the laundry while Anna took her nap

I am sure that there will be more to share later but right now, I am so tired I can barely even think straight, haha. Time for this mama to hit the hay and hopefully be rested enough for a little trip out of the house tomorrow!!

Cute sleepyhead :-) Thank you Sarah M. for the outfit!


Sarah Morgan said...

They are so sweet. Glad you got my little surprise. So happy for the 4 of you!

Nicole said...

Yayyy! I love this update - thanks so much for sharing. How adorable - I can't believe how huge Anna looks compared to tiny little Madeline!

Kirby Lynn said...

I imagine that was SO hard being away from Anna for that long! They are both precious and I'm so happy for you and your little girls (and for Steve too of course!).